Valentine’s Day_ 5 Types of People You’ll See In Nigeria

Valentine’s Day comes up on the 14th of February of every year and it is celebrated in most parts of the world. It’s a day marked by lovers to commemorate the death of St. Valentine through the sharing of gifts, going out on romantic dates and so on.

Once it’s the second month of the calendar year, the color of love i.e. red fills the air. Nigerians are not left out as they cherish this day especially the ladies.

Nigeria is a country that really loves celebration. Days like Valentine’s Day helps to increase economic activity in this part of the world as people go out to spend some cash to have fun. In fact, once it is February, many can’t just wait for the day to come.

There are different kinds of people you will see on this day in Nigeria. It will excite you to know how the most populous black nation celebrates the day of love.

 5 types of Nigerians on Valentine’s Day

Just like in other parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is also celebrated in Nigeria. Here are 5 types of people you would see on Valentine’s Day from the east, west, south and north of the country.

Valentine'S Day In Nigeria.
Valentine’s Day in Nigeria.
  1. The Planners: These set of people which are mostly ladies starts to make plans for Valentine’s Day from the first month. They begin to inform every man in their life of February 14 as if it’s the second coming of the Christ lol! They’ll ask from time to time what these men will buy for them that day. Once it is February 14, they can’t sleep but planned on how to spend their day. If John takes the day, then Andrew will be in charge of the night. Red is the colour for the day, they are also ready to paint the town red. Valentine’s Day is just like their second birthday.
  2. The Lonely Ones: Some of these people feel remorseful this day. If they see their colleagues holding hands and sharing gifts, they feel bad and see their singleness as a disease. Valentine’s Day is always the talk of the day and if they are without a partner, they just feel lonely. Some don’t feel bad, they knew with money in their pockets, they can also have very good lovers’ day. While some use other things as their partner. It might be a bottle of beer or whatever they can use to console themselves. They are the booless that that are hit by others who flaunt their love.
  3. The Busy ones: Many of these people are not romantic at all even. They tell their partner to choose between love and money so they stay at work all day. Even when their partner wants to share some times with them, they let them know the mail to be sent to get that contract is more important than romance. In fact, Valentine’s Day is their busiest day. These set of people have the real Nigerian mentality. Well, if you know you know.
  4. The Unbelievers: These categories of people don’t believe there is love anywhere. In fact, to them, it is a waste of time to declare a day as lovers’ day. They will tell you point-blank it is better you make the money (although some are not really making the money like the busy ones) than look for love that is nowhere to be found. They will tell you 1000 reasons why love is not real and there’s nothing to celebrate about love. Unbelievers will tell you the day is meant for St.Valentine’s Day which is an off for them.
  5. The Lovey-Dovey: These are the romantic lovers and partners you will see around on Valentine’s Day. They cherish it and have some nice time out with their partners. They share gifts with their, sing love songs, go out on a date while some use the day to propose to the love of their life. Some old married couples use the day to rekindle their love. These set of Nigerians have an ‘Indian gene’ as they make Valentine’s Day a lovely one not to be forgotten.

One love keeps us together. Without love, the world will be inhabitable just like some other planets. The day is not about partners alone but friends, families, bosses, and society at large.

Make sure you share some love every day and not just on Valentine’s Day alone. I know you definitely fall into one or more of the categories listed here. Do share with us in the comment section where you belong and how you intend to spend your Valentine’s Day.

Thanks for taking time in reading this piece.

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