UN Secretary-General Briefs Nigeria on Tackling Terrorism

Antonio Gutteres, United Nations, UN, Secretary-General, has shown the Nigerian Government ways through which it can combat terrorism as it has eaten deep and destabilised economic and social activities in different states around the nation.

He pointed out the need to first tackle the root cause of the outrageous act which has claimed the lives of thousands in the country since the act came into full existence in Nigeria.

According to the UN Chief, who addressed a setting with President Muhammadu Buhari I. attendance, yesterday in Abuja, Gutteres pointed out the position of the UN on addressing terrorism and banditry in countries that need their assistance.

UN Secretary-General’s Suggestions

Guterres emphasized means to end terrorism, saying: “It is simple, I saw it in Borno. If you fight terrorism just militarily, the terrorists will strike back. But if you fight terrorists militarily and address the root cause of this terrorism, terrorists will no longer have a chance to persist.

He gave an instance regarding a particular Mao Tse Tung, a region where he said there was insurrection moves as communities were empowered to defend themselves while also trusting the regional government’s institutions.

He posited that if there are programmes to guarantee full reinstalling of former terrorists back into societies, that will also guarantee that victims have a future, then the act would be defeated in due course.

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