Ukraine New Football Kits Provoke Russians

Ukraine new kits for the Euro 2020 has raised many questions as it has triggered anger in Russia. According to reports, the kit has the map of the country, but it has Russian-annexed Crimea on it as well. This design has provoked anger in the hearts of many football fans in Moscow, Russia.

They unveiled its shirt for Euro 2020, decorated with its borders. They consider it a part of their territory and so should be included in the map of the country.

Russian MP Speaks Against Ukraine Football Kits

Ukraine New Football Kits Provoke Russians 1

According to a Russian MP, he said it is a “political provocation”. The MP said to the European football’s governing body Uefa. The statement reads: The shirt of the Ukrainian national team for Uefa Euro 2020 has been approved by Uefa, which was in accordance with the right equipment and regulations.

Ukrainian football association head Andriy Pavelko said the front of the yellow shirt shows the contours of Ukraine in white, including Crimea and the pro-Russian separatist-controlled regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. “We believe that Ukraine’s silhouette will give strength to the players because they will fight for all of Ukraine,” Mr Pavelko said.

Ukraine New Football Kits Provoke Russians 2
Ukraine New Football Kits Provoke Russians 4

But Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova did not see it in that light. He rather criticised the kits, saying the football team had “attached Ukraine’s territory to Russia’s Crimea”, creating the “illusion of the impossible”. She said the slogan was nationalistic and echoed a Nazi rallying cry. The MP Dmitry Svishchev described the shirt as “totally inappropriate” and urged Uefa to take action.

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