Tuchel Battles Lukaku with Words

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel fires back at his striker Romelu Lukaku. The manager says the former Manchester United and Inter Milan striker’s comments during an interview in which the striker said he was unhappy with his role at the club “brings noise that we don’t need”. In an interview recorded several weeks ago but aired on Thursday, Lukaku said he would like to return to Inter Milan shortly.

Thomas Tuchel Fires Back at Lukaku

According to the German tactician he said: “I don’t like it.” He also said: “But I don’t want to make more out of it than it is. It is very easy to take lines out of context.” The German added: “To be honest I don’t like it because it’s noise we don’t need. We need a calm environment and focus and it does not help.

Tuchel Battles Lukaku With Words

Thomas Tuchel said he does not feel Lukaku is unhappy. He said he felt the exact opposite. If you asked me yesterday morning I would say that he is absolutely fine. That’s why it’s a surprise but I am the wrong person to ask.

Romelu Lukaku said in the interview that he was “not happy with the situation”, adding: “But I am a worker and I must not give up.” He has scored seven goals in 18 appearances this season and also faced a couple of injuries set back since his return to the club.

Tuchel however said they will settle the whole issue and they will do it behind closed doors and before making it open

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