Thomas Tuchel Reveals Shocking Facts About Ronaldo

Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has before now spoken about Ronaldo, and then he said he would like to have him in his team. The Manchester United Portuguese striker said recently that if the club sees a good offer from any club they should let him go. He earlier assured the team that he will be staying in the club but now he is making a u-turn as he wants to leave.

Many have suggested that the player is not willing to play in the Europa League while others said it’s a failure on the part of Manchester United to sign players that have led to his decision. It is understood that Ronaldo is unhappy that he will not be playing in the Champions League next season, with Manchester United only qualifying for the Europa League.

Cristiano Ronaldo has never played in the Europa League before should he remain in United it will be the very first time he is playing in the league. Chelsea head coach Thomas Tuchel has been monitoring the situation of the player as they said a team without Ronaldo is a weak team. Chelsea is yet to make their first signings this summer and signing the striker will boost their team as they do not have a proper point man again after they let Romelu join Inter Milan on loan.

Thomas Tuchel says A team without Ronaldo is Weak

Real Madrid, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich are all said to be monitoring the player’s situation as well. There has been no further update on the Blues’ interest in Ronaldo. Thomas Tuchel spoke about the player after he moved to United last August and admitted that any team without Ronaldo is automatically a weaker team, hinting he would like the experienced forward at the club.

Thomas Tuchel Reveals Shocking Facts About Ronaldo
Thomas Tuchel Reveals Shocking Facts About Ronaldo

According to him, he said: “Time will tell, but I think it is not a secret that any team in the world without Cristiano [Ronaldo] is in some parts of the game a weaker team,” said Tuchel, speaking last year. “He is one of the greatest who has ever played this game, and he proves it every time he is on the field.” “Now [he is] in the Premier League and in the Champions League, so they lost a big champion, a big point of reference and a big personality. But you can win games and be a strong team without Cristiano Ronaldo. This is also true.”

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