Thomas Partey may be in Trouble for Alleged Rape Charges

According to reports, it is alleged that the English Premier League player who was arrested on the charges of rape could be Arsenal’s Thomas Partey. According to reports, the location where this happened is where Son Heung Min, Ben Davis and Lucas Moura of Tottenham are staying. Also, Chelsea’s Hakim Ziyech, Crystal Palace Sam Johnstone, Jack outland and Jeffrey Schlupp are all staying there too.

Arsenal stars Mohamed Elneny and Xhaka also live at Barnet and all the players listed above have all travelled to be with their various clubs except for Thomas Partey. Partey is the only player who is living in Barnet and is not away with his club Arsenal.

Thomas Partey May Be In Trouble For Alleged Rape Charges

The 29-year-old footballer is been discussed on Twitter as the possible player who could be the un-named player charged with the rape allegations. The unknown player with an international reputation is the topic of much discussion online. Whoever the player is, it is noted that he stands the chance of missing the 2022/23 Premier league season if found guilty.

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