This is a Dedication

for the girl whose love was strawed away in sips as though it were a beverage in the bottle of another child
for the child who never knew what it meant to be a child
for the songs that were stopped before they were composed

for the soldier who never came home
for his wife who still waits even at midnight,
for his unborn child who will never know him
for the arms stretched out that never received a hug
for the tears that dried before they dropped

this is to those who touched our hearts and went away
leaving nothing but pain, longing and emptiness in their wake
to those who left with snippets of our beings
while we bear the gaping cracks and holes
hoping we get them back sometime
in the uncertain future that beclouds our daily lives

for the prayers that were never answered
for the wishes that were never granted
for loss, and the lost
for the wind that carries all we’ve lost
for healing, for life
that we may heal and live again.

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