Femi Adesina Speaks On Rumours Of War In Nigeria

Femi Adesina, the Special Adviser and Media Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, has reacted to rumours of war in Nigeria.

In an article titled, Wars and Rumours of War, Adesina said it is often intriguing to hear eminent Nigerians talk about disintegration and outright war. 

The Presidential aide noted that war is not a tea party and not something anyone should wish his enemy, adding that Nigeria had at a point in time lost about two million people to civil war.

Adesina wondered why some Newspaper columnists, public commentators, ethnic warlords and academics, talk of war as something they wished to see.

He recalled that President Buhari had once said Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable, adding that his government would not allow irresponsible elements to foment trouble.

War In Nigeria

According to Adesina, it is distressing to note that some of the comments, especially on social media platforms, have crossed Nigeria’s national red lines by daring to question its collective existence as a nation.

Femi Adesina Speaks On Rumours Of War In Nigeria
Presidential aide, Femi Adesina Speaks On Rumours Of War In Nigeria

He opined that war is not the option even though there are clear indications that Nigeria is not in a perfect state, noting that cutting off the head is not the cure for headache.

Adesina said he had seen enough to make him conclude that Nigeria’s most significant problem is Nigerians themselves. The Presidential aide said some Nigerians gloat when things go wrong in the country.

He further stated that some Nigerians rejoice at wanton killings, massive insecurity, prostrate economy, decrepit inter-ethnic relationships, among other challenges in the country.

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