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How Neo and Beauty suddenly sparked romantic conversations on the lips of most BBNaija All Stars fans was unexpected as he was always seen with other ladies hinting they all had something ongoing, but otherwise was the case.

Groovy has spoken up about Lori Harvey to the surprise of everyone. Although, we know Lori Harvey’s break up from Damon Idris came as a shock to most, many were not anticipating what Groovy had to say.

Many ships have sailed and wrecked. Some ships endure for a season but cannot survive the tides of the real world. Others barely scale through the tides of the show itself, and they cave under the pressure of Saturday night parties.

Fights are normal amongst Big Brother housemates. However, fights persisting outside the house is quite unusual. Housemates seem to settle their disputes at the reunion. However, some housemates are ready to keep malice till the end of time.