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Why Bloggers Will Not Make Heaven. Going off this, it is understandable when a reader clicks on an article hoping to find an article on why pineapples don’t have seeds, only to find out that it is an article on what doctors say about bad breath.

“Parents who take their children home in this time just deceive themselves. How much can a child learn in less than two weeks about a culture you never mention to them all through the year? After that time, till the next year again. I believe that all a child needs to know about their culture, they can learn from their parents”.

Most women in marriages, especially in Africa, always bear the brunt of angry parents-in-law when a couple has to deal with infertility. But studies have shown that the bulk of problem come from men and it has been termed the ‘male factor”. Between 45 and 50 percent of cases are thought to stem from factors that affect the man.

About three weeks ago, I saw a really good-looking young man. From where I sat in the moving bus, he looked well and happy. He was walking down the road like someone who needed to be somewhere and the briefcase he was carrying looked cool. With just one look at him, you may not tell that there was something off about him. But my curiosity, or is it lust, did not allow me to take off my eyes.

Intersex individuals are not homosexuals; transgender maybe, but not homosexual. Wearing feminine clothing does not make one a homosexual. The homosexual orientation is one that has very little to do with physical appearance. It has more to do with emotionally connecting or sexually/romantically connecting with people of the same sex, a psychologist pointed out.

A conservative society like Nigeria has a lot to do in dealing with stigmatization and discrimination of different kinds of…

This painful and sad occurrence is not the first of its kind in Nigeria, in fact, it’s very hard not to see an occurrence of an oil tanker explosion in a year and the recent explosion won’t be the last. It is not a bad wish to say the Onitsha oil tanker explosion which led to the inferno that caused havoc in the Southeastern city will happen again neither. It is also not a saying from a prophet of doom.

All year round, there are one hundred and fifty-six international days to celebrate people, talk about issues and raise awareness. Amongst these days are seven days that are specifically incorporated to celebrate women and talk about their issues. Only seven. Yet most Nigerian men complain that the world celebrates one gender more than the other. They say they are burdened by the number of gifts they have to buy every year to celebrate the women in their lives.

So if a man wakes up one morning and says he wants to be a chef, his family will literarily spit on him. Because cooking is considered a woman’s job, any man who is caught doing it is ridiculed. If a man chooses to help with house chores, he must make sure there are no family members around. There are families where this is a really big issue. To the African man, being a woman is a thing of disgrace. Even, to call a man a woman is to call him weak. So it is surprising to find that more and more African men are opting to become chefs in this day and age, and no one is frowning at them.

Carol B. Thomas opines that “everyone comes into this world with different levels of integrity.” However, what qualifies a person to be considered ‘high’ above others is their total dedication to doing the right. Consistency.

The bulk of the people who complain about no call-backs or estranged relationships are people whose reputations did not sit well with companies, employers or family. Just as nobody wants to affiliate with a system that does not work, so too it is with people who can’t be trusted. So even if you are very good at what you do, you will not be invited or involved

People who relax during the weekend or whenever they get the opportunity are happier. They are able to achieve more than those who do not relax when it’s absolutely required. So focus on the more important things and then you can effectively contribute to the bigger whole, Nigeria.

There are many kidnap cases that happen too frequently in Nigeria. Many have left a kidnapping standard where fraudsters are obliged to blackmail their loved ones of an outrageous amount of money. They only target the high net worth individuals such as businessmen, politicians, traditional rulers and so on. Some of these young adults who are children of the high targets in Nigeria are said to plan their kidnappings themselves due to the short ration they are fed from home. Although there are no true statistics showing the rate. These individuals would go through lengthiness for anything at the cost of their relative’s happiness.

Surely we remember Asa, don’t we? It has been over five years since we actively heard her voice on our radios and saw her on our TVs. And we are beginning to miss her. We want to go back to the days when she connected to Nigerians by discussing real social issues with her songs. We want an opportunity to go back to listening to good music.

It is always said that ‘only the woman truly knows the father of her child.’ Well, the notion might be…

Marriage is one institution in which people (man and woman) of different background come together to share many things. They share the same apartment, same bed, some share same toothbrush and other personal belongings. Where couples are supposed to share everything by virtue of their union, some find it difficult to have same bank account.

Instead of the maltreatment, maybe Yoruba men can take a leaf from other men in the country, and men in other parts of the world. Maybe they can learn to be true to themselves and to the women who love them. If you don’t marry that woman because she is fat, someone else will. And it will not be because of her body size. It will be because of something virtuous and beautiful that you failed to see.

What we call weed is really not bad when its consumption is regulated and not abused. People just go ahead and term it bad because of the effects it has on the people who end up on the streets. Those persons are typical example of the abuse we have talked extensively about.