Why Bloggers Will Not Make Heaven

Exploring this topic of why bloggers will not make heaven will invariably lead us to discuss the dreaded concept of clickbait and headline construction and how it rubs off on the reader and writer. If this is something you are interested in, then this read is for you.

More often than not, we skim through the comment sections of blogs, news and entertainment Instagram pages to see comments like ‘yeye blogger’ or ‘bloggers will not make heaven’ that are always buried in layers of laughs and sarcasm but really, the question is ‘Have bloggers really dropped out of the heavenly race?’

Why Bloggers Will not Make Heaven

Let’s look at this from the angles of the reader and writer.

Starting from the writer/commenters angle, the reasons why this comment may come up could range from been reeled into checking out an article by clickbait or maybe by exaggerating the circumstances that led to the formation of an article, but what we must understand is that this is subjective.

Going off this, it is understandable when a reader clicks on an article hoping to find an article on why pineapples don’t have seeds, only to find out that it is an article on what doctors say about bad breath. It’s a no brainer that the reader might be turned off, leading the scorned ready to write the author of such article off from heavenly candidacy.

Why Bloggers Will Not Make Heaven
Why Bloggers Will Not Make Heaven

 There is also a spin-off from this where the headline is not so different from the content, but the reader feels there was a heavy exaggeration on the content creating a rift between the idea the title gave and the actual content.

Then finally, there is the sect of readers who will not be happy with an article provided it is not in favour of their favourite celebrity. This is usually with readers who majorly consume entertainment and celebrity news.

Playing the devil’s advocate, can we also look at this from the writer’s angle?

Putting in the hours and doing the backbreaking work to piece an article together is no joke, and it would just be the much-needed icing on the cake for that piece to rake in loads of views, encouraging if we may, but how do you do that without seducing the reader?

This leads some writers to employ the use of clickbait (the ultimate writers’ enemy, by the way), which is not excusable, but at some point, we have found ourselves doing something we shouldn’t be doing(like that plate of swallow at 11:30 pm). This doesn’t make it right but bring it to a level of general understanding.

However, as a professional writer, one of the first rules to learn is never to lie to your reader, which is ultimately what click-baiting does and breaches the trust the reader may have developed for you. Do you really want to risk that?

Going through all these would give an insight as to why people say blogger will not make heaven, albeit jokingly.

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