Relax, Your Body and Mind Will Thank You

Most Nigerians are very active people. We either spend our days on our feet, screaming from street corners, or staring at the screens of electronic devices. We believe so much in hard work, that it has become a taboo to rest.

When a Nigerian is asked to take some time off, he begins to question himself. He quickly assumes that he may have done something wrong and that the time off is a punishment. We worry so much about a lot of things, and that blinds us to all the great things that life has to offer.

According to the latest WHO data published in 2018, life expectancy in Nigeria is: Male 54.7, female 55.7 and total life expectancy is 55.2, which gives Nigeria a World Life Expectancy ranking of 178.

This is really low compared to what is obtainable in other parts of the world. Nigerians are constantly exposing their bodies to wear and tear. We work so much and gain less and fail to realize that the financial freedom we crave is a mirage. So why not find time to relax?

In the wake of all that has happened in the past few weeks, there is a need for Nigerians to find a balance. The killings in South Africa, the serial killing of women in Port Harcourt, the increase in our Value Added Tax, and the new bank charges, among others. It would be detrimental to add to this list the fear about our children’s future, work and the problems of transportation.

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So this weekend, I implore you to shut down for a while. Find a way to close your mind to the many problems that plague us as a people. The idea is so you don’t “kill yourself by yourself.” If you find time to relax every once in a while, you will have yourself to thank for the peace you will begin to experience.

Ways to relax? I got the perfect answer

I have made a list of things you can do this weekend. Where you may not consider me your guardian angel, I gladly present myself as one.

  • Read books,
  • Indulge in that creative hobby you have put aside for years,
  • Spend time with your family,
  • Go hiking, jogging or just swimming,
  • Socialize with like-minded friends,
  • Strolling around, and
  • Watch some favorite shows

Reasons Why You Should Relax?

Relaxation helps you to achieve a clear and calm mind. Your thought process is more positive and helps you in making a better decision.

When you relax, your heart rate slows, thereby giving your heart some rest. This, in turn, takes many heart risk factors like hypertension, stroke, and broken heart syndrome.

It improves the skin by easing acne problems. Stress leads to skin breakouts and other skin related issues. If you relax, the skin also relaxes and gets some time to recover from the earlier stress.

By relaxing, we encourage the increase of blood flow to the muscles, thereby providing more energy, better metabolism and improves your memory.

People who relax during the weekend or whenever they get the opportunity are happier. They are able to achieve more than those who do not relax when it’s absolutely required. So focus on the more important things and then you can effectively contribute to the bigger whole, Nigeria.