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Just when we thought the fraudulent spending using the Covid-19 pandemic as an excuse to loot is over, from Agric Ministry, another scam alert hits Nigerians on how the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development expended N18.9 billion during the lockdown period.

A Bureau De Change operator has committed a scam that has landed him in court and eventually earned him a spot in the custody of the police for allegedly scamming to the sum of nine hundred and fifty thousand dollars, ($950,000).

A Nigerian scammer will be spending over seven years in the United States, US prison for participating in some fraudulent activities that realised about two million dollars.

Bobrisky is a very popular face in the Nigerian tabloids and internet majorly for a number of controversies

It is no longer news that Nigeria is known all around the world for fraud. The country has a very bad reputation for crime and corruption with the accusing finger pointed towards the Nigerian leaders. Internet fraud among other crimes such as human trafficking, kidnap, pipeline vandalism, terrorism, and so on has ‘looting’ by the Nigerian leaders as the main cause.

The irony is that Nigerian celebrities are called influencers and are ambassadors for big brands. Ideally, they should never be on the screens or in any position to call shots. But we find them at the helm of affairs. We call 419ers scammers because they get paid even when they do not offer any value. It is the same thing for our celebrities. Imagine having to sit in a house for three months, eat and grow fat, only to come out to become a force to be reckoned with.