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Party! part!! party !!!. Every end of the year people in various fields gathers together to do what is called end of the year party. now the question is how important is this company’s end of the year party. The organization is set up to achieve a certain

You can refuse to employ workers or refuse to increase their salary, you may refuse to construct roads, establish schools or fail to carry out developmental projects but hoarding the salaries of existing workers is the worst of them.

Lota did everything to get her out of the house including making her shower and drink coffee. She finally got to my house and she was pleasantly surprised by the party. Everything suddenly became okay between her and Jude, it looked like they had made up; I guess she thought that he also had something to do with her surprise birthday party. Everyone was having a good time when Jude tried to get our attention because he had an announcement to make. We gave him the attention oo, just for him to give a speech appreciate Ashezi and before we knew what was going on; he was on one bended knee