3 Reasons Why Company’s End of Year Party Should be a Must

Party! part!! party !!!. Every end of the year people in various fields gathers together to do what is called end of the year party. now the question is how important is this company’s end of the year party. The organization is set up to achieve a certain goal be it companies, industries, schools, football clubs and so on. They always have a goal to be achieved during a specific period of time (monthly, quarterly or yearly).

There’s always a to-do-list for those concerned (staff and management alike) in reaching the goals at the beginning of the year. Many of these organizations has therefore made it a point of duty to have a get-together party for their workers and associates at the end of the year. The reasons they have to put together such a celebration have to be understood.

3 Reasons Why Company'S End Of Year Party Should Be A Must
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Moralists say there’s always a reward for everything done under the sun, positive or negative. This reward for work done is absolutely important; in this regard; there’s a rewarding system for everyone who has contributed their own quota in moving the company forward. There’s no better time to do this than the end of the year which is a period to reflect on the company’s overall performances during the course of the year.

Why is End of the Year Party Important?

The end of the year party is always a time to celebrate with everyone in the system (company, industry, school, etc.). it is a time to reward outstanding people who have done really well during the course of the year which will make others improve. It is also a time to meet the families and friends of people in the company. Like the saying ‘all works and no play make Jack a dull boy’, many companies uses the end of the year party to play after their whole year of work.

Some believed the end of the year party is a waste of time and resources. Others prefer it is never done to prevent animosity among co-workers especially if it have to do with prize giving. Different strokes for different folks, reasons for not having an end of the year party for some organizations differs. Well, I put the question ‘’should companies have end of the year party’’ to some friends. This is what they have to say:

3 Reasons Why Company'S End Of Year Party Should Be A Must
Western settings of end of the year party

It is very good for companies to have an end-of-the year party. It is a time to refresh, pause, look back on how the business year has been.

_ Mr. Tobi Adebayo, FUNAAB.

I believe it is very good for companies to have an end of the year function. This is because it is a set aside to celebrate the success of the company and to reflect on their journey so far as they look forward to a more fruitful year ahead of them. If churches, schools, and families celebrate end of the year party, why should companies be different (unless if the company has some setback during the year which is understandable since change is inevitable).

_ Mr. Odo Moses, FUTA.

The end of the year affords workers to have a true happy moment together and see another side of their colleagues. It helps in discovering some hidden personalities or potentials of their colleagues. Work ethics has made all man lazy and some too serious, we can all play once an be really happy.

_ Engineer Alunsi, Ikeja Airport.

Companies should have end of the year party even if it’s going to be a light one. That’s a way to ease the stress they’ve gone through all year round. It serves as a bonding technique too.

_ Mr. Juwa Benjamin, Lagos.

The end of the year party is a very good option for companies. It’s part of incentive to encourage and motivate the workers to be more efficient and diligent. Just as the Yorubas say ‘’a merry heart activates the head’’, an office party is great.

_ Mr. Tope Ogunlade, Ore.

Reasons Companies Should Have End of the Year Party

There are many advantages to letting your hair down in a corporate setting. After a year of hard work to reach goals set at the beginning of the year, companies should hold an end of the year function which will help them in the long run. Even if the target for the year isn’t met, a get together at the end of the year can help boost and revitalize employees as they go back to the drawing board for the next year/season. Here are reasons to facilitate end-of-year functions.

It strengthens relationships: Work ethics of the company may not afford the staff and management to get to know themselves better. The relaxed setting helps staff to bond in a casual environment away from work. Employees who normally do not get to interact much with others have the opportunity to socialize and get to know others. You’ll also get to see other skills your co-workers have that is unknown to you. This kind of parties unleash others and make them bond well.

It boasts morale: Functions such as this makes your employees, colleagues, service suppliers, customers, and clients feel like an important part of the company’s success and shared vision when they can partake in the celebrations. It’s a way of giving back to those that make you. It also helps lift the mood and spirit of the office considerably.

It shows the company is appreciative: End of the year functions like this is a strong indication of how the company appreciates the work of its employees. It’s a template for the workers to share their ideas, give feedbacks, and voice their appreciation for each other’s hand work.

Giving price boosts productivity: In companies where sales are being made and meeting target is a requirement, giving a price at this period make workers to tighten their belt and work harder which is a boast for the company itself. Their merry heart will definitely activate their body, soul and mind for the next calendar year. It brings a healthy competition which at the long run helps to produce great result for the company.

Having an end-of-the-year function should be one of the to-do-list of a company. It helps in getting the company to the height it desires.

Do share your views/opinion on this topic in the comment section. Thanks for taking time in reading this piece.

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