I’m Asari (Episode 15): Birthday Party With a Surprise

The moment I saw them, I closed the door gently and thanked my stars that they hadn’t seen me yet. I didn’t want to go out there, I didn’t want to meet her. Don’t get me wrong oh, I have nothing against him, his girlfriend and their relationship but I was in no mood to pretend and make small talk with someone I was sure I wouldn’t gel with. I went back to my room and called him. I mean if it was like a birthday party or something I will invite both of them. A party will be easier because there will be other people there and it wouldn’t just be three of us making small talk and being awkward.

I lied that as I was getting up to come out of my room, I hit my injured leg and hurt it and that it was now too painful for me to get out of my bed. It was a long shot but that was all I could come up with and fortunately for me he believed it. He asked to come inside the house to see me but I told him that I couldn’t even make it to the living room. So he left.

I know that he felt bad that we couldn’t see but I wasn’t ready to see him and his new girlfriend. At first, I was upset that he brought her along then I realized why he did it. He believed we were friends and that I would see nothing wrong with it. He is right. I do see nothing wrong with it;I am just uncomfortable. I know that I am not supposed to be uncomfortable around my “friend’s” girlfriend but I am and I cannot help it.

Oh well, he didn’t try to visit me again in the next week. You know Abdul; he is either very intuitive or sensitive. I know that it wasn’t right for me to lie like that, I just guess I need time to get used to this friends thing we are doing.

So, after the revelation Ashezi gave us, Lota and I indirectly ended the friend group by not chatting on it anymore. We really didn’t want any more confessions from her; we were still trying to reconcile her confession with the Ashezi that we have always known. I had just woken up from a power nap when I saw a bunch of messages on our WhatsApp group from Ashezi.

She seemed pissed at us. She wrote a bunch of things telling us how we aren’t true friends, because we didn’t rally around her to support her through her trying times. She told us that it took a lot from her to tell us the things she did but she now believes that we were judging her just because we didn’t say too much about it. There were a lot of messages; I couldn’t even read everything, so I called Lota.

 The phone didn’t ring twice before Lota answered. “We should have deleted that WhatsApp group”, were the first words from her mouth

“If we deleted it, she would have still sent the same messages to us personally” I replied

“What does she want us to tell her now? The sorry we told her before did not do?” Lota was both annoyed and confused; we both were. Knowing the kind of friends she had in Lota and me, she should have known that we were not the type of people who would tell her what to do in a relationship. If she wanted to leave Jude she would have left him by now, so it’s not what I will tell her that will change her mind after three years of taking his bullshit.

Oh well, we came to a conclusion and decided to throw her a surprise birthday party since her birthday was the coming weekend. At least something to make her happy in this ‘trying time’. That is how me and my one leg started planning birthday party and guess one of the first people I had to tell about the party? Her bloody boyfriend Jude.

Planning an impromptu surprise birthday party was easier than I thought, all I had to do was make the calls and order all that needed to be ordered while Lota did all the pickup and delivery. I offered to throw the party in my house since my parents were going to travel that weekend and my brother’s middle name is party; that boy can party for Africa. Plus it was very convenient for me because Lota was not in the mood to do much and I understood because it was impromptu and she had a lot of work to do.

The Birthday party arrived and guests were on time because they all had to be there before Ashezi arrived. Lota was in charge of getting her to the venue and she told me that it was one of the most difficult things she had ever had to do in this life. She told me how Ashezi had drugged herself with a sleeping pill because she and Jude got into a huge fight earlier and she just wanted to sleep to forget about the fight.

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Lota did everything to get her out of the house including making her shower and drink coffee. She finally got to my house and she was pleasantly surprised by the party. Everything suddenly became okay between her and Jude, it looked like they had made up; I guess she thought that he also had something to do with her surprise birthday party.  Everyone was having a good time when Jude tried to get our attention because he had an announcement to make. We gave him the attention oo, just for him to give a speech appreciating Ashezi and before we knew what was going on; he was on one knee.

“Ashezi, will you marry me?” he asked

“No”, she replied.

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