How to Cut Down Number of Wedding Guests Without Offending Anyone

Many intending couples get into trouble with their parents, extended family members, colleagues and friends whenever they plan for their wedding ceremony.

The thought of cutting down on the number of expected guests at occasions is one of the major troubles people face, especially in Africa.

For wedding ceremonies, the parents to the bride and groom will always wonder why their children don’t want them to invite their friends, when they attended those of their friends, bought “Aso Ebi” ceremonial uniforms, contributed money and also bought them gifts.

They see they inviting their friends, associates, colleagues and club members to their children’s wedding

ceremonies as a way to reap what they have sown.

Again, parents wonder how they will escape not inviting their brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunties, siblings’ spouses, who will most likely come with a plus one or more in some instances.

These parents choice sometimes become conflicting with the choices and the pictures their children have for their dream wedding. Now, what is the way out?

In a bid to cut down the number of guests at wedding ceremonies and not offending anyone, many have chosen venues that might be difficult for most people to attend.

Some take these wedding ceremonies overseas, but they are shocked at the numbers they get on the deal day.

Many have cut the bluff by not telling some people, but they offend many of their friends. In some funny scenarios, those people get to know about the event, and then they give s surprise call to ask why they were not invited.

Some will hear about the event from a third party and show up at the event without notice. Funny enough, they may not come alone. So then what will you do?

For some celebrants, their events are strictly by invitation, and you might need to check your name at the entrance to confirm that you are being expected at the event and know where to sit.

Now, to some, that is stressful and might be a bit embarrassing for those whose names are not found on the list, those whose names were erroneously omitted, or were not invited at all.

However, we have found you a peaceful way out that might work well for you, such that you will end up getting apology calls from those you did not want to attend your event, saying they are sorry for not being able to make it to your wedding ceremony. 

Here is your solution!

Cut Down Number of Wedding Guests

Fix your wedding to a day and time that will not be convenient for most people, and thank us later.

You can fix your wedding for 8am on a Monday, then you will only see those who are essential and who must be at the wedding in attendance.

Monday is a crucial day of the week and seems to be a day 

compulsory for most people to appear at their works places.

Meetings are held on Monday morning; attendance is vital on all weekdays, especially on Monday.

So if you fix your wedding ceremony for 8am on Monday, most of your expected guests will be attending a compulsory Monday meeting after rushing in to mark the attendance list.

In fact, if care is not taken, you will need to mandate some people to take all necessary permissions to make it to the event.

Those who might be owners of private businesses or sell in their stores and spots in the market also understand the importance of Monday morning attendance at work. 

However, look out for this set of people, they might show up, but they might come in late or not get to stay too long at your party.

But, in case you think Monday is too harsh or too serious, you can choose either Tuesday or Wednesday, but ensure the event holds between 8am and 10am.

Please don’t rely on applying this solution on a Thursday or Friday because those days might not be as effective as the three days earlier suggested. 

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