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Have you ever looked at your children and wondered if they are truly yours? In recent years, three out of every ten Nigerian men have been made to raise children that are not theirs. They have been deceived by lying and unfaithful wives. So they cater for children from infancy to adulthood only to be knocked out by shocking revelations later on. The beast in some of these men has been triggered and some have been influenced to maim.

First, let me put this out there. I think I had a really interesting childhood. I remember all the taboos my parents came up with to scare us kids away from certain things, and I laugh hard. Like me, most children in Nigeria are raised to believe that their parents know best. And many do… at least until we grow up and realize all the falsehood we’ve been fed over the years.

In reality, many talents were buried, numerous employees are depressed and various viable ideas remain undeveloped, all due to the interference of parents regarding the career choice of their children. Parents should be aware of the implications of imposing their own goals on to their children.

A typical Nigerian home with regular Nigerian parents and lifestyle in Nigeria is a whole vibe to experience. From the mornings of waking up by 4 am to get ready for school,

The best parenting style has been researched on for so many years especially by developmental psychologists. There are four main…