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Nigerians have reacted with cynicism to the recently proposed 5 billion naira palliative for States. Despite the desperate need for poverty alleviation, many Nigerians doubt whether the money will ever reach the people it is intended for.

Sexual workers whose enterprises have been adversely affected by the ongoing lockdown order issued because of the Corondemic ravaging the world, including Nigeria, have asked the government to come to their aid.

The PRP hereby demands that President Muhammadu Buhari ask the Minister of Hunanitarian Services and Disaster Management to immediately tell Nigerians:
a) The names, location of the 2.6 million Nigerians given N20,000.00 each;
b) The methodology used in the disbursement of the said N5,200,000,000.00 to 2.6million Nigerians; and,
c) The source of this N5.2billion and if it came from the Public Treasury, when it was appropriated to the said Ministry.