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President Bola Tinubu has called for an urgent meeting with state governors today to address the deepening food crisis and economic challenges gripping Nigeria. The gathering, set to take place at the Aso Rock Villa in Abuja, comes amidst mounting concerns from traditional rulers and the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) regarding the removal of fuel subsidies, which has led to a sharp increase in transport costs and food inflation.

It isn’t entirely specific where the Singapore noodles are initially from; when I say Singapore noodles, I mean the stir-fried rice noodles with shrimp, pork, sausages and vegetables. There is a possibility that Singapore is its source, anyways id be telling you how to make tasty Singapore noodles.

The Nigerian border maybe closed now with rice being sold at a very high prices yet, it is still the best option for Christmas celebration. The Nigerian local rice will still be considered by the people this time around. Even when there was an outbreak of bird flu some years ago, chicken seems to stand the test in the market. It will still be a favorite meat for people in this coming Christmas celebration. The combination of this duo prepared very well will definitely make your Christmas one to remember. There’s no better special food for your Christmas than a plate of fried/jollof rice with chicken.

Potatoes can be used for making a number of meal such as potato porridge, potato chips and so on. The fried potatoes especially sweet potato (Ipomea batatas) is one you would enjoy for your lunch.

One of the most common delicacy out of Northern Nigeria is Suya. Not many could have tasted Tuwo, Dambu Nama and the rest but for suya,

Apart from fish and crayfish, another important seafood that can be found in coastal areas of Nigeria is the periwinkle snail. It is a mollusk that is named scientifically as Littorina littorea. It is commonly known as Isam by Nigerians especially in the coastal areas of the country. The Yoruba people also refer to it as Isawuru. Periwinkles are found mostly on rocky shores and are mostly dispersed into water. They are also found in small tide pools as well as muddy habitats such as estuaries.

Pap is a breakfast food for everybody; children, adults, the sick and the healthy. It is one food that can…

You must have probably tasted the assorted meat pepper soup which serves as an appetizer. It is very delicious and tasty, but when pepper soup is served as a main food, this can be described as a sumptuous meal.