Nigerian Local Delicacy: Plantain Porridge

Plantain porridge is a sumptuous delicacy you will want to include in your menu. Porridge can be made with tuber crops such as yam, water yam, and cocoyam. The one made with plantain is very delicious and nutritious. It can be eaten by both the young and old. If you’ve heard the biblical story of Esau whose birthright was sold for a plate of porridge, then plantain porridge will quickly come to mind. A taste will definitely make you want more of this sumptuous delicacy.

Plantain which may be ripe or unripe is the main ingredient in the preparation of this meal. The unripe plantain is very rich in iron and is a good option for diabetic patients while the ripe plantain has more of carbohydrate. Plantain is widely grown all over the country most especially in the rainforest vegetation zone. It is a major food crops in states such as Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Lagos, Ondo, Ekiti, Osun, Oyo, Imo, Enugu and so on. Preparing plantain porridge is very easy, you’ll definitely include in your menu as soon as you give it a taste.


Ripe/unripe plantain, palm oil, fresh tomatoes, fresh pepper, bulbs of onion, stock cubes, meat (chicken/goat/beef), fish, crayfish, spice, vegetables (ugwu), and salt to taste.

Cooking Procedure

Parboil the meat of your choice with stock cube, spice, flavor, and salt on a medium heat. Allow the water to dry, add more water and cook until the meat is soft for consumption. Introduce the fish and add another stock cube, a bulb of onion and a pinch of salt.

Peel off the green/yellow outer layer of the plantain and slice to any size of your choice. Also slice the tomatoes, peppers and onions then set aside.

Remove the fish once it has parboiled to prevent overcooking while you continue with the cooking of the meat. Add your palm oil, water, ground crayfish (all depending on the size of the plantain you’re cooking) and salt to taste. Seasoning can still be added if it doesn’t get the required taste.

Allow to boil for some minutes after which you add the sliced plantain, sliced tomatoes, pepper, and sliced onions at the top. Re-introduce the fish and cover to cook for 15-20 minutes. Make sure it doesn’t get burnt, so add water if it is getting dry.

Fluted pumpkin (ugwu) can then be added although it is optional. The vegetable adds more nutritious value to this delicacy. Lower the heat and allow to simmer for a couple of minutes after which you stir all together. Your plantain porridge is ready to be served thereafter.

Enjoy this sumptuous delicacy with a chilled bottle of your favorite drink. Bon appetite.

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