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When you see a happy couple, don’t envy them or assume they are lucky to find each other. There is no happy home anywhere – if you see any be sure they were made. Being a good person or being religious doesn’t make a happy home neither does riches and wealth.

So if you will be visiting with family and friends, there are some activities to look forward to. Nigerians schedule weddings, child dedications, birthdays, and even car launches for the end of the year. To help you prepare for these festivities, we have made a list.

Most women in marriages, especially in Africa, always bear the brunt of angry parents-in-law when a couple has to deal with infertility. But studies have shown that the bulk of problem come from men and it has been termed the ‘male factor”. Between 45 and 50 percent of cases are thought to stem from factors that affect the man.

One of the improvements seen in the world of science is the development of DNA testing technology as a tool for finding solutions to several issues relating to genetics.

As she swallowed she felt it burn her throat and stomach, the burn settled in her body and increased rapidly. Within a minute her insides were on fire and she was in indescribable pain. She struggled to reach her phone and call for help but she couldn’t move; she lay on the ground groaning with blood dripping from her mouth. The portion was poison and it was going to kill her if she let it.

“I’m going to kill him! I’m going to kill him and everyone he loves” Isaac was furious; he couldn’t believe what Gina had just confessed to him. He headed towards the door but she stopped him. They were in a hospital room where she had just had a hysterectomy; a surgery to remove her uterus because of complications from a miscarriage.

My mom was the Queen of Mischiefs, and as we got closer to her dying day, she would often talk of one final mischief. No one saw it coming. The next day, seven young men showed up claiming they are my mom’s first son. Please, Nigerians help me. I don’t know who I am anymore.

There are many kidnap cases that happen too frequently in Nigeria. Many have left a kidnapping standard where fraudsters are obliged to blackmail their loved ones of an outrageous amount of money. They only target the high net worth individuals such as businessmen, politicians, traditional rulers and so on. Some of these young adults who are children of the high targets in Nigeria are said to plan their kidnappings themselves due to the short ration they are fed from home. Although there are no true statistics showing the rate. These individuals would go through lengthiness for anything at the cost of their relative’s happiness.

Names are very important in the life of humans – even animals and plants are not left out in the naming process. Names are useful in the identification process. It’s a major component of our identity, that’s why we reply to the question ‘Who are you?’ with a name and not our physical or educational description. Names at times is an artifact of our parents’ lives, culture, personal histories and their dreams for their child.