Shocking as Family Change Son’s Name from Buhari to Suleiman in Joyous Way.

Family celebrates change of name of son from Buhari to Suleiman in Katsina. The naming – or rather, the re-naming ceremony of a child was done today. It was changed from Suleiman from Buhari by his father in Dutsin-ma, Katsina State Nigeria. Katsina Post reported.

Katsina Post correspondent who attended the ceremony said it was attended by many family and friends of the child’s father and mother.

What the Family Has to say

Shocking As Family Change Son'S Name From Buhari To Suleiman In Joyous Way. 2
The family that changed their son’s name from Buhari to Suleiman

It was earlier reported that the man had plans to do so since befeor now. An indigene of Dutsin-ma Local Government has reportedly concluded plans to rename his child. The original name Buhari was changed to Suleiman, Katsina Post learnt.

Reports have it that he made up his mind to change the name because he is disappointed with Mr president. His disappointment with President Buhari’s government had made he took the decision.

According to sources, the man named his first child Muhammadu Buhari shortly after the 2015 general election. He did so, so that he will be called ‘Muhammadu Buhari’ before but now he is even contemplating changing his name too.

The renaming ceremony was set to hold on Saturday, 14th December 2019.

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