Shocking! Boyfriend Beats Girlfriend for Refusing Marriage Proposal

The boyfriend (name withheld) to a lady on campus suddenly went haywire on his girlfriend when she outrightly refused the marriage proposal in public eye.

The incident happened around the Car Park Complex, Hall II, University of Benin, UNIBEN, as the man was filmed gruesomely assaulting the lady for saying no, that she wasn’t going to marry him.

The Nigerian guy beat her up to the extent that he threw her to the ground, after he felt disrespected. Passersby disclosed that the Loverboy went gaga and yelled at his lady having spent heavily on her over the years of their relationship.

Shocking! Boyfriend Beats Girlfriend For Refusing Marriage Proposal
Shocking! Boyfriend Beats Girlfriend for Refusing Marriage Proposal

Up until now, there are still clips of this woman-beater circulating the internet as he could be seen protesting agaitthe person taking pictures of the embarrassing moment.

It was however unclear why she didn’t feel the same way, like spending the rest of her life with him, as nobody could also tell or explain the circumstances that occurred between the two lovers that led to the instant rejection of his marriage proposal.

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