Stingy Men Association Gets General Overseer

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The fast-growing male community known as the Stingy Men Association gets general overseer after a new and vital member comes on board.

The Stingy Men Association of Nigeria or SMAN for short, is an amusing scheme put together by some Nigerian men for banter reasons but has grown in membership as many people are in on the joke.

The existing members also take it on themselves to confer membership on people they believe are eligible for the association.

For days, this has been trending and Nigerians, men and women alike, have had a hearty laugh amid the funny posts in circulation.

Meet the new and highest ranking member of the Stingy men association

Just recently, membership has been conferred to the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari after a funny picture of him made the rounds on social media. in this picture, he was seen giving some kids money but one of the lads did not seem very happy.

The picture has been interpreted differently with most assuming that the little boy was disappointed at the amount given to him by the President.

According to the post, President Buhari will assume the position of the General overseer of the association possible by being the President.

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