Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (184): Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria Don Land

Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

Egbon: Mazi, Mazi, the only Businessman wey dey current, how e be now?

Mazi: Naa me be this o, as we dey make Naira, e dey important make we dey follow the things wey dey happen for inside plus outside Naija

Egbon: No be lie, abeg, open that Newspaper page again make I check that Headline well

Mazi: Which Headline, shey naa dis wan you dey talk, dem say Federal Government wan borrow money again

Egbon: Oga o, den no dey tire to Borrow, Borrow, Loan, Borrow every time

Mazi: You never even read the tory well, I sure say if you read am well, naa that time self your anger go con rise

Egbon: Abeg explain the thing wey dey inside the Paper, which country dem wan borrow the money from?

Mazi: No be from another country hand o, dem talk say den wan borrow the money from Account of the people wey no use their Bank account for like 6 years, den call am Dormant account

Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

Egbon: Ohhhhh, that one no be bad idea now, the thing no go too concern ordinary man for the country

Mazi: This wan shock me o, you mean say you support this idea

Egbon: I support am even naa my two hands I carry support government for back, as e show say naa from account wey don dey dormant den wan borrow the money

Mazi: Why government no fit think well make dem fit check if dem go fit generate money instead make dem dey borrow money from Naija people account

Egbon: My brother, anyhow you wan look the matter, I believe say naa person wey get plenty money fit keep am for Bank for close to 6 years, make him no touch am 

Mazi: That one no be point, whether den wan use am o abi den keep am, government no suppose touch the money

Egbon: But you know say e possible make dem touch am and dem no go even announce am, so e better as dem announce am now

Pidgin News (184): Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria Don Land
Don Jazzy joins Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria.

Mazi: Ok o, my own be say make den no touch my money, naa that one go pain me pass

Egbon: I dey suspect you o, shey no be say you self don join the new Association wey dey town?

Mazi: Naa which one be the new association wey dey town o

Egbon: Ahhhh, so you never hear say some people just arrange one new association wey dem call Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria

Mazi: Laugh, naa which kind Association be that one, naa different different thing person go dey see for this Naija o

Egbon: Naa as dem form that one, women dem self con form dem own too

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin be the name wey dem give the woman own o?

Egbon: Den call am Stingy Women Association of Nigeria, con show picture where one lady close her leg

Mazi: Wetin that one con mean o

Egbon: E mean say, naa man wey spend money go enter paradise o

Mazi: This people no go kill person o, wetin person no go hear for this country

Lady Dies During Sex Romp At Government Lodge

Egbon: Den even get ID card o, den motto naa say no give girl shi shi, Don Jazzy don join the association self, naa later I con hear say dem create Lavish Boys Association too

Mazi: You no go join too?

Egbon: Me I no dey stingy o, the only thing naa say I no dey do pass myself

Mazi: Naso life be o, I no fit impress anybody, make I con dey suffer am later, shey you don hear say one 18 year old girl Pai when she dey do Jagilova for Yobe state (read more here)

Egbon: Naa which one be Jagilova o ?

Mazi: No be everything person dey open mouth talk, e mean say she dey do plo-plo with one politician before she con later Pai for the government lodge wey dey the state

Egbon: That one naa serious matter o

Mazi: Very serious o, i hear say dem even don arrest the politician plus other people wey get hand for inside the matter

Egbon: That one make sense, my brother naa make God dey help us for this country o, make I con dey move jare

Mazi: No Sahara now, take care

Don Jazzy

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