Hanky-panky, helter-skelter, hullabaloo are the themes of the nation

Four cardinal points all in terrible situations

Language, religion, ethnicity and politics; we tend to divide like fractions

Businesses mounting till forces throw a grenade

Despite our measures to make a living turning lemon to lemonade

Churches everywhere yet immorality has higher grade

Rate of kidnap coined as mass-nap

Relied on the black gold; militants aren’t having a nap

Easterners have their own colony; they have drawn their own map

Oh! Our educational system is like a comedy; you’d laugh your ass off

Like power supply, universities and it’s cut off mark has been on and off

In the zoo the army are involved in python dance; surely it’s not a bluff

Poor nation yet one of us has embezzled to have an estate in Paradise?

Our leaders have traded with our resource; it’s a merchandise

We clamor for restructuring, our difference is of the mind

I rest my case like a jury, only God can heal our land.