Side Hustle For NYSC Personnels

As a Nigerian Youth, it is a no brainer for you not to have a side hustle for NYSC. To be plain and to the point, the 19800 Naira that National Youth Service Corp members earn is rarely enough to cover their long list of expenses.

There are others who flexed their entrepreneurial muscles in school and loved the thrill of business, so doing a business in their service year was a no brainer. Then there are others who have heavy responsibilities waiting for them at home and they are expected to not only survive; but to also send money for parents and/or siblings.

Whatever the case may be, Corp members soon realize that the Federal Government salary will not be enough so they seek out ways of making more money during their service year. Some may argue that #19800 will enough for them and that’s okay; but these are some areas Corp members can make some extra money.

Becoming A Housing Agent

Corp members will always have the problem of housing in their various places of primary assignment. Solving that problem is something that has the potential of bringing you serious money. If you are already serving in a state and have taken out time to know the state and their housing prices, you can easily do this business. All you have to do is liaise with the landlords and make prior arrangements with them before the next batch of Corp members. You can post available places or talk to as many as you can about your solution to their problem. Imagine you are able to convert 10 people at 5000 naira profit each, that’s almost your 3 months salary.

Become A Private Tutor

As a side hustle for NYSC you can end up teaching, it’s not the end of the world. While teaching, parents can hire you to hold private lessons for their children. Especially if you are really good at a particular subject that their kids need like Mathematics and English.

About 80% of Corp members become teachers in secondary schools, so this will really add some extra cash to your pocket. People don’t know that private tutoring is a serious cash cow in Nigeria. It can be your only source of income and you will still live fine and when you add it to what you make as a teacher, you are making serious money.

It works better for subjects like English, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology but not to despair if that is not your area. You can still do this business and make money. It can give you as much as #50k every month. Make friends with the students, be a great teacher by knowing what you teach, meet their parents and talk it over with them.

Side Hustle For NYSC

Most people will be thrown very far away from their normal habitat and culture to a place they have no idea about. However, instead of complaining, you can use it to your advantage. You can buy goods that are cheap in your area and sell it for a huge amount of money in your new environment as it will be scarce and costly.

It involves some real planning and strategy but it works and people have done it. For instance, you can buy palm oil in the east and sell in the north. It has a lot of risks like transportation and all other risks of selling physical products like market penetration but if you plan well, you can do it and completely ditch your salary.

Try Some Internet Things

As a side hustle for NYSC the internet rocks right now and there is much work you can do on the internet to make you money as as a side hustle. There are emerging jobs like content development, social media management, social media marketing. You can actually do some these on a freelance basis and earn some extra cash.

It is necessary that the Nigerian youth understand that their destiny lies in their hands. And they must realize this sooner than later. While everyone can complain and post on social media about how the government can increase the salary, things can be done to supplement.

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