Tunde laid still on the hospital bed, his left leg covered in cast and a blood bag suspended on a piece of galvanized metal with blood flowing slowly into his veins.

Three days had passed after the accident; and Tunde went into shock because of all the blood he had lost the day before.

Uju sat by his bedside, she had refused to continue the journey to the camp with the other passengers, instead, she insisted on staying with Tunde. Tunde’s mother was informed by the bus company about her son’s condition and was on her way to the hospital to see her son.


On the night of the third day, Tunde had not yet regained consciousness, his pulse was still faint, and all attempts to make him regain consciousness proved futile.

Uju sat by bedside staring at him, she wondered how he managed to have such effect on her despite the short time during which they had known each other.

She thought of his eyes and the sound of his voice repeatedly in her head, all she wanted was to see his charming eyes again. She had fallen for him…she loved him. 

She took his hand in hers and rubbed it gently on her face. Tears fell freely from her eyes; she fell on her knees, said a silent prayer, and whispered gently into his ears, I love you.

She placed her head on the bed, she shut her eyes and tried to catch some sleep; Tunde moved his arm, she raised her head with her eyes filled with expectation looking at his face.

He opened his blood shut eyes and with a weak grin, he took a deep breath and whispered, I love you too Uju.

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