See what heart disease patients should do every 20 MINUTES

Heart disease patients should get up and move every 20 minutes in order to avoid an early grave, research suggests.

Canadian experts claim being active around three times an hour for seven minutes helps burn 770 calories each day.

This is the amount of calories a heart disease patient needs to burn to reduce their risk of an early death, scientists believe.

Heart patients should move every 21 minutes in order to live a long life, study suggests.

The University of Alberta researchers analysed 132 patients with coronary artery disease.

The participants, who had an average age of 63, wore an armband that monitored their activity levels for 22 hours a day for five days.

This assessed the amount of time they spent being active, as well as how long their breaks were between bursts of exercise.

The researchers then calculated how often a heart disease patient would have to move in order to burn 770 calories a day.

‘There is a lot of evidence now that sitting for long periods is bad for health,’ study author Dr Ailar Ramadi said.

‘Our study shows heart patients should interrupt sedentary time every 20 minutes with a seven minute bout of light physical activity.’

He said this would add up to 21 minutes of light physical activity and would ‘expend 770 calories a day, an amount associated with a lower risk of premature death‘.

Source: DailyMail

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