Misconceptions About Snakes Living in Toilets

With the recent happenings in Nigeria about snakes living in the people’s toilets, it’s safe to say that most are just fallacies.

You might be wondering why I say they are misconceptions; well, firstly, Snakes can not live inside the soakaway. 

Yes, you read right.

The gas alone in soakaways would kill the snakes and should, in case you don’t know, the gas inside the soakaway can generate electricity. Interesting fact, you would agree.

So if snakes can’t live in the soakaway, how do they get to the water closer? Does the Snake live inside your poo, Or they float on top of the poo? I would leave that for you to answer.

Besides the gas inside the soakaway, do you also know that your bathing soap water also goes into that soakaway, including the wastewater from your kitchen?

Do you know how harmful the chemicals the soaps carry are?

Misconceptions About Snakes Living in Toilets

Another point is that an average building has about six Chambers, and for a snake to live inside the soakaway and find its way to the water closet, it would mean that it passed many Chambers, so how possible is it for the snake to get crawl in?

For those living in a storey building, the only way a snake can crawl into your water closet is from inside the building and not the soakaway. 

Want to know why? That’s because the pipe that carries your Poo from the water closet to the soakaway has a smooth surface, and a snake can not crawl on it comfortably. So why the fear? 

However, snakes can crawl out from your Water closets, but only if you stay in a bungalow or the ground floor but then again with breakage in your service chamber that directly links to your water closet.

Yes, it’s okay to take precautionary measures but only if the above mentioned applies to you but if not, why are you busy flushing fuel or kerosene and salt inside your toilet?

So when you get scared to use the toilet because of the fear of snakes, remember that snakes do not live inside your soakaway because they need oxygen.

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