Effective Ways to Prevent Snakes From Your Toilet

Following news going around about Snakes crawling up the water closets in people’s toilets, we have decided to put together effective ways you can protect yourself.

Recall that a few days back, a NAF officer in Lugbe, Abuja died from a snake bite in her home through her WC.

A few hours later, different people seemed to have seen snakes in their homes as they also shared pictures and videos of their ordeal. This incident has, however, made people tag it as a ”snake invasion.”

There has been a cry for help from Nigerians and even actress Tonto Dikeh on the fear of using the toilet due to the recent happenings. Although few Nigerians, including producer Don Jazzy, have also shared tips on using the toilet, some people are still scared.

Like the famous saying, “Prevention is better than cure”, so rather than avoiding your toilets or finding new ways to urinate, why not just prevent the snakes from gaining access into the toilet.

Most reptiles find it hard to jump or enter the water closets, so instead, they enter from the cement rooms at the back of the house through which sewage pipes get connected and through cracks under the doors and holes.

Effective Ways to Prevent Snakes From Your Toilet

First and foremost, it is essential to close all the windows and sliding doors in the bathroom to prevent a snake from entering.

Another thing to do is to block a rat infestation in your home with the proper rodent protection and block holes where rats could come from. Snakes will follow the food trail, so get rid of them if you have rats near or in your house.

Thirdly, always fumigate your toilet sink frequently, and there are pesticides specially made for this purpose.

Keep your toilet lid covered at all times and endeavour to put weight over your toilet covers because snakes can lift the toilet seats and find their way in.

Finally, always make sure you thoroughly check inside your water closet before sitting on it and avoid using the toilet in the dark. Be watchful.

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