Sadio Mane Gets New Super Gift From Senegal

Liverpool forward Sadio Mane has been rewarded for his part in Senegal’s Africa Cup of Nations triumph with Stadium. The former Southampton player was very key in his country’s success and so the country has decided to name a stadium after him. The 29-year-old Liverpool striker converted the title-winning penalty as Senegal claim their first African Cup of Nations title.

Stadium named after Sadio Mane

The mayor of his birthplace Sedhiou has now announced the town’s new football stadium will bear Mane’s name. The future Stade Sadio Mane is currently under construction and due to the opening next year 2023. Mayor Abdoulaye Diop said: “Sadio Mane has honoured all of Senegal, the Sedhiou region, and the entire Casamance area.”

Sadio Mane Gets New Super Gift From Senegal

The mayor also said: “I have decided to name the Sedhiou stadium after him.” “In doing so I wish to convey the gratitude of all the sons and daughters of the region towards him.” “He has made all of mankind aware of Bambali and Sedhiou, the region’s main town.” “This is a gift that Mane truly deserves.”

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