Rudiger Makes Shocking Revelation on Lampard Sack

Germany and Chelsea star Antonio Rudiger has come to clear the air following the sack of Frank Lampard. After the manager was released of his duties as Chelsea manager, many fans concluded that he had a hand in the Chelsea legend’s sack who later became the coach.

My Conscience Is Clear, Antonio Rudiger on Lampard Sack

Antoni Rudiger came out to clear his name on the accusations against him, and he said he has no hand in the manager’s sacking. Many Chelsea and other football fans think he has a hand in it believe so because he was not a regular player for Lampard, but since the arrival of the new manager Thomas Tuchel, he hasn’t missed any game.

There were suggestions that he had forced Chelsea board to fire the manager and also for them to consider hiring former Paris Saint Germain manager Thomas Tuchel.

Antonio Rudiger is not taking any of the accusations likely as he insisted that he did nothing to spoil his former manager’s reign in the club before his sack. Lampard spent 18 months in the club without winning any trophy before he was fired.

Rudiger said he has been in the club for years now and in those four years, he has had four different coaches including the new manager Thomas Tuchel. And in those years he has not heard that players were involved in the resignations of coaches.

He further said his conscience is clear and that he knows who he is, and he knows what he can do, and that is not part of what he can do, he even labelled it “nonsense.”

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