Ross Barkley Longs to Meet his Nigerian Dad

Former Everton England international who is currently on loan at Aston Villa from Chelsea Ross Barkley has finally admitted that he is a Nigerian. The English player is born to an English woman and a Nigerian father. 

Ross Barkley was born in England, Liverpool precisely, according to findings his father met his mum in England and married her. The news on how people got to know he is a Nigerian was when he revealed his life and career in the interview.

Ross Barkley Admits to being a Nigerian

He said there’s one thing he wishes to do to meet his father who is a Nigerian, the father left his mum when he was still very young, and he has not seen him since then.

Barkley expressed his desire to see his dad and said he wanted to play for Nigeria before his debut for England in 2013. He said Nigeria is one country he would have played for. But he chose his birth country.

Ross Barkley is born to Mr Patrick Effanga, a construction worker in England then, and he was working with a railway construction company in England.

Effanga left his wife Ross when Barkley was only one year old, and since then he has seen either his wife or his son Barkley. People could be asking why Barkley is not using his Nigerian Father’s name, and Ross Barkley is using his mother’s name and not his father’s name.

Barkley graduated from Everton Football Club academy where he started his football career. He later joined Chelsea and had a playing time when Frank Lampard was the club manager before moving to Aston Villa on loan. He has made a couple of appearances for England which means he can no longer play for Nigeria. 

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