Ronaldo Still Very Hungry for Champions League-Bruno

Manchester United midfielder, Bruno Fernandes has hinted that his fellow teammate, Cristiano Ronaldo, is still very hungry for goals and the Champions League. The Portuguese international said Ronaldo has a reputation for doing things differently in the Champions League, adding that the former Real Madrid and Juventus star has won the tournament many times.

Bruno Fernandes Confident of Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of UCL Game

Bruno Fernandes made this known on Tuesday during his pre-match press conference ahead of Man United’s Champions League round of 16 first-leg ties with Atletico Madrid on Wednesday night. He said: “Cristiano has won this competition many times.” “Everyone knows in this kind of competition he has that smell for the goal, he has that smell for doing different things.”

Ronaldo Still Very Hungry For Champions League-Bruno

The former Sporting Lisbon star concluded on the matter of Cristiano Ronaldo by saying: “But in the same way, we have Rapha (Raphael Varane), who has won the Champions League four times and is a player capable of doing it.” Bruno stated that when Cristiano Ronaldo won the first Champions League, he probably was not the most influential player or had more experience in that competition (than others) but he won it anyway, and he helped the team win the Champions League.

The player said with or without Cristiano the team’s major aim now is to win the game against Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid and advice to the next stage of the completion.

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