Religion and Technology in Contemporary Society: Christianity

What would you do if I told you that on Sundays, people just sit down at home, turn on the TV to watch Paul Enenche, Johnson Suleiman, or TB Joshua do their thing – sermon, praise, worship, the whole shebang – and voila, Church attended? Okay okay, you probably already know that it happens, and you don’t find it strange or anything. But what if I tell you there is more?

Technology has become an actively influential part of pop culture and by extension, contemporary society. And when I say everything and everyone is getting on board milking this innovative cow for all the nutrients it’s got, believe me. Religion isn’t an exception. But for now, let’s focus one of the biggest religions in the world: Christianity.

Since church attendance/religious practice among young people is declining daily churches decided to use one thing they’re fond of to lure them back to church *inserts Hozier’s Take Me to Church*. A lot of them seem ridiculous. But, you know, anything to save souls from total damnation right? Let’s see.

Religion And Technology In Contemporary Society: Christianity 2

Virtual Reality Church

A pastor in San Francisco, California has adopted the use of VR in church. This he said will encourage more young people to attend church. That way, they can sit at home, strap on their VR gears and listen to sermons, participate in worship and praise – all in the comfort of their homes. The first ever virtual baptism was also took place(it’s hard to know if that counts). How do you get baptized without getting wet? Maybe you should ask Pastor DJ Soto of the Virtual Reality Church.

Alexa featuring Church of England

Similarly, the Church of England, in a bid to ease the stress of carrying out certain religious activities, has adopted the service of Amazon virtual assistant, Alexa. Alexa now reads daily prayers and devotions to home users. It reminds them of prayer times and supplies them with Bible verses and quotes. It(or…wait, is Alexa a she? ?) even helps them to say the grace. Talk about chilling Christianity.

Catholic Children Mobile Game

And then this. A group in the Catholic church has recently programmed mobile games designed specifically for children. This, it is said, will enable children of catholics acquaint themselves with the faith with ease from childhood thereby attracting them closer to practice as they grow. This seems like a cute measure, doesn’t it? But I won’t be surprised if people are apprehensive or suspicious if the phrase “mobile game for children” is mentioned alongside words like “Catholic Church” or “attract”. You see my point now? Just saying.

Nigeria, being a country filled with religious people might be adopting some of these technologies a lot sooner than you may think, because, well time is going fast fast.

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