Labour Faction Makes New Demands

Another faction of labour has made some demands different from that of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU.

This time, the West African Health Sector Unions Network, WAHSUN, called for the adoption and passage into law of healthcare rights in the National and State Houses of Assembly in the country.

According to WAHSUN, during a validation meeting and advocacy planning session on ‘Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign’ that was held in Abuja, the union stated this notion at the core of its campaign across the West African region.

It was learned that the Solidarity Centre AFL-CIO, which organized the meeting, hinted that findings have revealed the poor state of healthcare facilities and services in Nigeria and West African countries.

Furthermore, the union stated that making healthcare a human right is the solution to ensuring efficient and effective healthcare facilities and services.

Meanwhile, most delegates who were at the event, called on workers, both in the formal and informal sector in Nigeria, to rise and join the campaign and advocacy for the demand for healthcare rights legislation.

The labour union believes that the passage of the law and its implementation would tremendously cushion the unbearable sufferings of the citizens owing to health issues.

They went on to decry the high rate of continued travel to foreign countries to seek medical care by leaders while the poor are left to die in the horrible medical facilities in the country.

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