Fani Kayode Raises Alarm Over Igboho

A few days after security operatives made attempts to arrest Yoruba Activist Sunday Igboho, a former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, has raised the alarm over what he described as plots to eliminate Igboho.

He alleged that it appears to be a well-orchestrated plan and dastardly plot by some identifiable forces and individuals to eliminate him. 

Fani Kayode said the attempt to abduct Igboho like a common criminal in the middle of the road whilst he was on his way to a meeting with Papa Ayo Adebanjo is just one pointer.

In a series of tweets on Monday, the former Minister described Igboho as the most popular and powerful man in South Western Nigeria today. 

According to him, Igboho has inspired millions and restored the honour and self-respect of the Yoruba nation and has proven that sons of Oduduwa are not cowards. 

Fani Kayode Raises Alarm

The former Minister disclosed that Igboho does not believe in Nigeria but the Oduduwa Republic. 

“We may not all accept his methods, but, as long as he operates within the law, we have no right to criminalise, demonise, undermine or stop him. He is not a terrorist, a criminal or a murderer.”

Fani Kayode described Igboho as a law-abiding Nigerian citizen and businessman who pays his taxes, defends his people and stands up against dangerous murderers and killers.

The outspoken former Minister opined that Igboho is not an activist but a freedom fighter, a hero and a liberator of the oppressed who opposes tyranny and the mass murder, ethnic cleansing and enslavement of his people. 

However, he advised those behind such attempts to perish the thought, noting that there would be dire, far-reaching and uncontrollable consequences for our entire nation.

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