Premier League Players to Unanimously Raise Fund for NHS

The English Premier League players have agreed and took a “collective initiative” to help generate funds for the National Health Service (NHS). Their aim is to generate funds and distribute to the National Health Service because they the health workers needs it the most.

The initiative is named #PlayersTogether and it was set up to help those who consistently fighting for the coronavirus pandemic which has paused all movement in the country. They are also partnering with NHS Charities Together which is called (NHSCT). The development was well welcomed by Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Premier League Players To Unanimously Raise Fund For Nhs
Premier League Players to lunch a collective initiative to help raise fund

Hancock had previously asked players to take pay cut so as to help health worker and the government get more funds to combat the coronavirus. The new idea introduced by the players was also welcomed by former England captain Gary Lineker he tweeted on his tweeter handle saying he is “proud of our players”

“Footballers are doing their bit as I was confident they would,” he further wrote. “Let’s hope that others that are in a position to help, those that weren’t unfairly targeted, do likewise.” Recently the skippers of all the English Premier League came up with the idea to donate money charity which is also aimed at helping charity.

Premier League Players To Unanimously Raise Fund For Nhs
Jordan Henderson Liverpool

The initiative was headed by England and Liverpool captain Jordan Handerson, the new move to lunch a collective initiave to help to rise funds for the health is a good and positive step in helping to provide solution to the coronavirus pandermic. a statement – posted by more than 150 top-flight players on social media they said they were “collaborating together to create a voluntary initiative, separate to any other league and club conversation.”

All the sporting activities in Europe are currently on hold for now because of the coronavirus outbreak. Recently Real Madrid and the entire coaching staffs accepted to take 10-20% pay cut to help to fight against the virus in Spain. the English Premier League players to have lunched this initiative shows the whole sporting body are in support to hult the coronavirus challenge.

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