Pierre Webo Happy with PSG Stand Against Racism

Pierre Webo Says He Will Forever Remember December 8

Pierre Webo Happy with PSG Stand Against Racism and Paris St-Germain players walked off the pitch during Tuesday’s Champions League game after the fourth official was accused of referring to Webo by the colour of his skin.

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The 38-years-old former Cameroon player said that was the most difficult night of his life. Pierre Webo also said he needed help from a doctor to sleep that particular night of the incident.

Former Cameroon international Webo has accused the fourth official, Sebastian Coltescu, of disrespecting him by unnecessarily referring to the colour of his skin, instead of referring to him by name.

He told newsmen that day 8 of December will forever by remembered by him for the support he got from the French Ligue 1 champions Paris St-Germain.

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The game, which was abandoned after 14 minutes with the score 0-0, was later played the next day and it ended 5-1 in favour of the French side.

Both sets of players and the officials wore ‘no to racism’ T-shirts in the warm-up, with anti-racism banners in the stands, and took a knee around the centre circle before kick-off. Pierre Webo who been sent off in the incident was allowed to take his place on the away bench seat.

His red card was suspended by the Uefa authority, he was asked if players will walk off the pitch again he said: “We showed that we will do that. It’s not the ref who is going to stop it, it’s the players.”

“As I said, we are now going to have the day before 8 December and the day after.” “I don’t want people to focus on me because of this, it will be a shame if I’m remembered for this,” Webo said. “I’m ashamed of it to be truthful.”

“These two or three days have been the most difficult of my career.”Uefa says it is gathering evidence but does not expect an outcome before Christmas.

The Romanian officials in charge of the abandoned Champions League game have been stood down from their domestic league matches until Uefa’s disciplinary case into the match has been heard.

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