Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (286): Faces Of Ritualists In Ondo

Ritualists In Ondo

Mazi: Hmm, e be things o, you remember say na yesterday we dey talk say make federal government use sense take hamdle this Nnamdi Kanu matter, make e for no loss

Egbon: Yes, i remember, wey we even talk say him arrest fit lead to something wey mouth no go fit talk finish

Mazi: My brother, we don dey look like Prophet o, some Biafra group don talk say make federal government no play with fire o, say dem give dem 21 days 

Egbon: Hmmm, this wan na serious palava o, i hope say dem no talk say dem wan cause trouble sha

DSS Declares Igboho Wanted

Mazi: Dem talk say dem go attack National Assembly, Police Headquarter, Army Headquarter, Kidnap Buratai webi before before Oga for Army if federal government no release Kanu

Egbon: You see, na this government dey find trouble by themselve, na as people still dey talk that kanu matter, DSS con talk say dem dey find Sunday Igboho

Mazi: Wanted gini, why dem want am, him dey owe dem?

Egbon: I wonder o, dem say dem find plenty guns for inside him house, plus Juju, con even kill some of the people wey dey follow him when dem go attack him House for Ibadan

El-Rufai Clarifies Kanu’s Arrest

Mazi: But, this matter no suppose play like this o, why dem no fit use sense do this thing, dem don forget say fire no fit kill fire

Egbon: Na so everybody dey talk o, say why government no go arrest the bandits people plus those wey dey support dem

Mazi: I later see one tory where Governor El-Rufai talk say, government no fit treat bandits the way dem treat Kanu sake of say bandits no get one particular leader, say government know say na Kanu bin dey lead IPOB people

Egbon: Kai, Naija my country, these people go dey find all means to show say e get how dem dey play their game, dem dey forgive Boko Haram members, dey Harass Kanu and Igboho

Update on Twitter Ban

Mazi: Well, the thing wey dem dey talk na say na because of National interest dem dey do am, but, my own be say, if dem wan do something sake of National interest, make dem no do partial

Egbon: Gbam, na the same thing Benue State Governor, Ortom talk, say, as dem find means arrest Kanu, dem suppose arrest those Fulani and bandits wey dey kill innocent people

Mazi: Yes o, you hear the thing wey some House of Reps Lawmakers talk ontop the padlock wey dem take lock Twitter?

Egbon: I never hear am o, abeg gist me

Mazi: The lawmakers talk say dem no support say make government commot the padlock, say make dem still carry leg put ontop the app

Egbon: Hmm, e don show say Six and Half dozen na same thing, if the government dey do this kain thing, shebi the Lawmakers suppose consider how the action dey affect Naija people, but dem no go reason that one, because na same same dem be

Ritualists In Ondo

Mazi: God dey, con see these people wey dem call Ritualists in Ondo, dem say dem dey commot dead body from Church cemetry, con pieces the body parts, con sale am

Egbon: Ehn ehn, why people mind dey wicked like this

Mazi: The people even confess say dem dey pally with the person wey dey guard the cemetry, con sale the body to Yahoo boys for 5,000 naira

Pidgin News (286): Faces Of Ritualists In Ondo
Ritualists In Ondo

Egbon: Hmm, wicked people just full everywhere like say tomorrow no dey, naso God go dey expose all the ritualists dem, make i yan you this better tory jare

Mazi: Abeg, yan me o, make e no be say na bad bad tory person go dey read

Egbon: Abi now, dem say this 12 year old boy for America don become the youngest Grandmaster of Chess for history, for the whole world o

Mazi: Clap, odikwa sharp boy, him get better brain, na this kain news i dey like, make i con dey go, we go see later

Egbon: Ok now

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