Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (281): Finally, President Buhari Surrenders

President Buhari Surrenders

Egbon: Kai, drama sha full this country, this Father’s day wey just pass, plenty people sha dey give each other back to back

Mazi: Hmmm, i see some of the drama ontop social media too o, i no just understand why dem no go allow make men enjoy the celebration jejely

Egbon: No mind dem jare, dem no wan allow make we shine, but las las we suppose commend Fathers, cus, e no easy

Mazi: Gbam, e no easy and people suppose celebrate fathers, but, make we no lie, some fathers no dey try at all

Egbon: No be lie, but, e make sense to clap for the ones wey dey try their best, i even hear say President Buhari don surrender

Mazi: Surrender ontop wetin ?

Egbon: Dem say President Buhari don agree say him go siddon talk with the people wey dey vex for South-East, say him wan siddon hear the thing wey dey vex them

Mazi: Na the thing wey Buhari suppose do before before him just dey do now, no be everything him suppose dey show himself say him na before before soldier

President Buhari

Egbon: Oil dey your head, imagine the number of people wey don pai ontop something wey dem suppose siddon settle, now Sunday Igboho self don dey plan another thing

Mazi: Ahh, make this people allow make peace reign, Buhari no go dey for government forever, make we just wait make him finish him time

Egbon: Nobody talk say make him no finish him government, and no be say Igboho wan fight, him only talk say him wan do Mega rally for Lagos

Mazi: Mega rally ginni?

Egbon: Rally wey him go gather people to talk say dem never commot hand for the call say make Yoruba get their own Nation

EFCC Gives Update On Tinubu

Mazi: Ohhh, is ok, make him sha make sure say the rally no cause yam pepper scatter scatter, wey go make people dey run up and down again, you hear wetin EFCC talk ontop Tinubu matter

Egbon: Wetin dem talk o?

Mazi: Dem say the commission still dey chuk eyes put for the allegations wey dey ontop Tinubu neck, say dem still dey torchlight the matter

Egbon: Ohhh, bobo, how many years dem wan take torchlight him matter, make dem go siddon somewhere jare

Mazi: The EFCC Oga talk say e no dey easy to torchlight that kain matter, say e fit take 30 or even 40 years before dem finish investigation on that kain thing

Egbon: Abeg jare, las las, nothing go happen, dem go just talk talk, commot mouth, no be so federal government talk say na 5 Billion dem take fight poverty for five years

Mazi: Laugh, who dem take the money help, dem spend 5 Billion and suffer head dey everywhere like this, who dey deceive who

Beware Of ATM Robbers

Egbon: I wonder o, i no just understand why this government dey think say Naija people no get sense, spend 5 Billion in five years and people still dey grumble up and down like this

Mazi: Nna ehn, the way wey some bad mind people just dey pai people anyhow these dey fear me o, con check wetin dem do this man for Ibadan o

Egbon: No be that Presenter wey dem talk say some people shoot after him commot for club for Ibadan?

Mazi: Na another wan o, dem say some people wey carry gun join body shoot wan man for him cucumber side after him go withraw money for ATM for University of Ibadan area

Egbon: Hmmm, but, wetin con dey happen these days like this, dem just dey Pai people anyhow, hmm, this wan na lesson o

Mazi: Very big lesson, time don reach make all of use dey security concious, make we no waka anyhow and dey pray say make Baba God dey take him protection cover us

40-Year-Old Man Rapes 60-Year-Old Woman

Egbon: Amin o, Mazi, no be some days ago we read say one 60 year old man go rape 80 year old woman for Ekiti State

Pidgin News (281): Finally, President Buhari Surrenders
Suspected Rapist.

Mazi: Yes now, wey we dey wonder the kain spirit wey enter that man body

Egbon: Another one don happen for ogun state, you see this man, dem say na 40 year old him be, say him go rape one woman wey be 60 year old for the state

Mazi: Kai, things dey happen o, which kain thing con dey play like this, abeg, make i con dey move

Egbon: Later now

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