Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (280): Femi Adesina Warns Obasanjo

Femi Adesina Warns Obasanjo

Mazi: Nna ehn, the Grace wey dey ontop this Cristiano Ronaldo guy big no be small o, him just dey break record left and right

Egbon: Oil dey the guy head no be small, which record him break again now?

Mazi: I hear say na him be the First person wey go get 300 million followers ontop Instagram (cut in…

Egbon: Ahh, for the whole world or for him country alone?

Mazi: Na for the whole world o, the first Human being wey go get that kain follower o, Messi self know say when you are big, you are big abeg

Egbon: Grace get level, Messi followers ontop Instagram na 219 million, him self try, you no see the kain money wey Coke loss when Ronaldo carry the coke wey dem put for him front

Mazi: Kai, make Baba God shower him grace upon me too o, wetin Femi Adesina do again now, con see him tory o

Egbon: For sometimes now, I no dey take that Femi Adesina serious again, him go just dey talk anyhow

Femi Adesina

Mazi: This time, him even dey warn former Presido Olusegun Obasanjo, him say make the former Presido watch him mouth

Egbon: Ah, this man don dey pass him boundry o, Obasanjo na him mate, or which kain talk this Femi Adesina dey talk so

Mazi: Him say, make Obasanjo no dey talk the thing wey fit make people believe say him dey support say make Naija break

Tope Alabi Apologises

Egbon: Who dey support say make Naija break, people dey cry say the country hard, e no reach make dem vex, him dey talk another thing for mouth, forget that man jare, make we talk better talk

Mazi: No be lie o, people dey complain o, e get one photo wey i see say dem dey cut one Tuber of yam to pieces for people wey no fit buy complete one

Egbon: Chai, instead make this government apologise the way wey Tope Alabi apologise, dem dey yan dust 

Mazi: How Tope Alabi take enter this gist o, why him dey apologise

Egbon: You remember say some days ago, plenty people drag her ontop internet say she dey beef another Gospel singer, after dem drag her well, she con say make people no vex

Cultists Strike In Dubai

Mazi: Ohhh, I no follow the gist, but e make sense as she take apologise like that, if to say people fit accept say dem dey wrong instead of to dey argue, this country for better

Egbon: Yes o, no be lie, but some people no go apologise because of the ego wey dey their body 

Femi Adesina Warns Obasanjo

Mazi: Na their ego dey come before destruction, Egbon, Hmm, i see one video ontop social media, the thing touch my body no be small o

Egbon: Wetin dey inside the video?

Mazi: Dem say na cultists the people be, say na Naija people, dem go dey cult cult their Rival for Dubai, the video touch me no be small

Egbon: Naija cultists dey fight for Dubai, which kain thing be that?

65 Year Old Man Rapes 85 Year Old Woman

Mazi: No be small fight o, if you see as dem cut people like goat, con check one of the pictures now, for inside the video, dem plenty o

Egbon: Kai, this life sha, when some people dey pray dey fast say make dem fit commot Naija go do legit hustle, some people go dey fight sake of cultism, this life no balance sha

Mazi: At all, and na this kain thing no dey allow most of this countries allow say make Naija people enter their side

Egbon: Like seriously, things dey happen for this life, see this old man now o, 65-year-old go rape 85 year old woman for Ekiti

Mazi: Ahhh, which kain spirit dey enter people body these days, people just dey do anyhow, dey rape, kill, do plenty plenty bad things

Egbon: My brother, the thing tire me o, make i con dey go, we go see later

Mazi: Ok now

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