Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (275): Buhari Exposes Fulani Herdsmen

Fulani Herdsmen

Egbon: Today na good day for Naija o, las las, Bubu don come out of Aso Rock

Mazi: Ehn ehn, i talk am say him go talk when time reach

Egbon: Hear the thing wey you dey talk, so time never reach since wey dem don dey Pai people, na now tme reach abi?

Mazi: No be that wan i dey talk o, we no even need to argue, the thing wey matter pass na say him commot for Aso Rock, but where him con go?

Egbon: Him go Lagos where him commission some project, but before him do the commissioning, him go do interview for Arise TV

Mazi: E make sense o, wetin him talk for the interview?

Egbon: Him talk plenty things o, him say naa Mauritania plus Central African Republic, the Fulani Herdsmen wey dey carry AK-47 for Naija come from

Fulani Herdsmen

Mazi: So, the Fulani Herdsmen no be from Naija ?

Egbon: According to Bubu o, him say those Fulani herdsmen na foreigners, him even warn Naija youths say make dem no chuk hand for kasala if dem wan get job

Mazi: Ohhh, but true true, Kasala no go allow make investor enter Naija, dem no ask him about the Twitter matter?

Nigeria Government Joins Koo App

Egbon: Him just laugh commot mouth for the matter, him no reply the question

Mazi: I even hear say Naija government don go register their account ontop this new microblog wey dem call Koo App

Egbon: Laugh… the people wey dey this government go just dey behave like comedian, dem go dey do funny funny things, no wonder why Nnamdi Kanu yab Buhari

Mazi: Wetin him talk?

Northern Women Demands Referendum

Egbon: Him say everything wey Buhari talk for the interview show say Naija dey ontop sick bed, Kanu say Bubu talk no gel at all

Mazi: Baba God go heal Naija, I hear say some women for North do protest, dem say time don reach make government call for meeting wey go allow make tribe talk the thing wey dey vex dem

Egbon: No be the thing wey some people don dey call for since be that, even if dem no wan do new siddon talk, dem fit still go check that 2014 Confab wey Jonathan do now

Osun Governor Shuts Over 600 Schools

Mazi: That siddon talk dey very necessary this time around o, because, as the matter be like this, e show say plenty Naija people dey vex sake of the things wey dey happen

Egbon: Na that kind talk fit give people chance to talk the thing wey dey their mind, you hear say Osun State Governor don close about 600 schools for the state?

Mazi: I don read am, dem say na the schools wey no carry weight sake of say dem no register am well

Egbon: E make sense like that, anybody wey wan open school suppose get license wey go show say dem dey serious, no be say make people just dey open schools wey no get root

Mazi: You talk well, make dem close any school wey no dey register, education no be something wey people fit dey handle anyhow

Woman Chop Off Husband’s Penis

Egbon: Mazi con check the thing wey i see again o, wonders no wan finish for this world o

Mazi: Which kain wonder you see again o?

Pidgin News (275): Buhari Exposes Fulani Herdsmen
Woman who allegedly chopped off her husband’s penis.

Egbon: Dem say one woman kill her husband for Brazil, cut him blokus commot, cook am, con fry the blokus join sake of say the man no dey faithful to her

Mazi: Ahhh, which kain thing be this, some people just get wicked mind sha, no be so i hear say wan lady kill the man wey try to rape her

Egbon: Everywhere, person go just dey read different news wey dey wan kain, see, me i wan dey go jare

Mazi: Ok, we go see later now

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