Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (268): Nnamdi Kanu Mock Nigerians

Nnamdi Kanu Mock Nigerians

Mazi: Naija parents get plenty work to do o, na this Children day remind me the thing wey don dey my mind before

Egbon: Ohhhh, wetin be the thing wey dey your mind before?

Mazi: Hmmm, sometimes ehn, if i just see how some small small pikin dey behalf ontop social media, the thing dey give me concern 

Egbon: My brother, no be only you o, every better parent suppose dey concern ontop the thing wey their children dey expose to ontop social media, and if we talk now, some parents go talk say na civilization

Mazi: Which kain civilization be that, as for me o, i dey make sure say, i give my pikin better training, because na bad pikin dey later turn to bad elder

Remi Tinubu Fumble Again

Egbon: Yes o, and na bad elder dey cause headache for society, for example now, i just dey wonder the kain wonder wey this woman go perform if she become First lady

Mazi: Who be the woman wey dey become first lady o?

Egbon: No be this Remi Tinubu woman, if you see as people drag her ontop internet ehn, you self go pity her

Mazi: Ehn ehn, wetin she do again?

Egbon: Dem say she call one woman Thug for the place where dem go reveiw Naija constitution for lagos, na so the woman plus some other people give her back to back, dem con dey shout ontop each other like say na market place dem dey

Mazi: But wait fess, no be this same Remi Tinubu fight with Smart Adeyemi some days ago?

Egbon: Yes now, people even open book of how she get issue with Bukola Saraki plus Dino melaye sometime ago

Mazi: Na wa o, but, why you con talk say she wan become First lady, you see am for dream or na inside vision you take see that wan

Nnamdi Kanu Mock Nigerians

Egbon: Oh, so, you no dey hear rumour say Tinubu wan contest for 2023 election, and i dey sure say (cut in..

Mazi: Sure say wetin, na you be INEC Chairmo, or na only you wan vote carry tinubu enter as Presido, no wonder why Nnamdi Kanu talk the thing wey him talk

Egbon: Siddon there, how the thing wey Kanu talk take relate to wetin dey ground

Mazi: E relate well well, Nnamdi Kanu dey laugh Naija people, him say Buhari put Northerners plus fulani people as Oga for all the security position wey dey the country, con say still some people for South dey blow grammar like fan, dey shout one Nigeria

Egbon: Me i no dey part of the people wey Nnamdi Kanu dey laugh, sake of say i don dey talk am before say the appointment wey Buhari dey make dey wan side

Mazi: Kanu even still add say, e wonder how some Naija people dey think like say their Brain don die, say, dem never still beleive say Buhari don pai

NBC Suspends Human Right Radio’s Licence

Egbon: You see ehn, me i don dey talk am before say e get as these appointment be and since na Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina dem dey talk, Buhari no gree talk, my own be say, we go gather dey here when everything go clear

Mazi: Is ok, we go dey watch as the matter dey go, you hear say dem don appoint Farouk Yahaya as new Army Oga?

Egbon: I kuku hear am, and that man na another Northerner o, and you say make Nnamdi Kanu no laugh Naija people

Mazi: My own be say, tribe or religion no suppose senior competence, if the new Army Oga dey capable, no problem, Egbon, NBC don suspend Ordinary President radio o

Ghost Robber

Pidgin News (267): Nnamdi Kanu Mock Nigerians

Egbon: Ehn ehn, wetin him do again?

Mazi: The NBC talk say no be today dem don dey wan Ordinary President and him staff say dem no dey professional, say dem dey misyarn too much, dem con suspend dem for 1 month

Egbon: Tor, Mazi, you don see where Ghost rob before?

Mazi: I never see am o, you don see am?

Egbon: Na inside this tory i dey see am o, dem say this man dey wear Ghost costume to go rob for Zimbabwe, and people go think say na Ghost him be true true

Mazi: Laugh, this wan weak me o, abeg, make i con dey go, we go hook up later now

Egbon: Take care

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