Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (216): Sowore Carry Juju Enter Court

Omoyele Sowore

Mazi: Laugh… nothing wey man no go hear for this country o

Egbon: Which wan you see again o sake of say plenty Drama dey inside Naija, na one day, one drama

Mazi: No be Sowore i dey look so, i hear say him carry juju enter court where (cut in

Egbon: Ehn ehn, na wa o, no be small something, but this picture wey i dey see no show say na him carry the Juju enter court now

Mazi: Na who con carry the thing, no be Juju man dey him side for inside the court like this?

Sowore Carry Juju Enter Court

Egbon: No be same thing, na Juju man Sowore carry enter court no be say na him carry the Juju enter court

Mazi: Anyhow, the koko na say why him carry Juju man enter court, him wan go take Juju follow Judge talk

Egbon: Laugh, no be so Naija politician dey turn deaf and dump, wey head, leg, hand go dey pain dem if dem say make dem carry dem go court

Mazi: Tor, Drama no go finish for Naija o, wetin be the latest ontop COVID-19 vaccine, e don enter

Sowore Carry Juju Enter Court
Omoyele Sowore in Court

AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Don Land

Egbon: Finally finally, the vaccine don land o, na ontop television i see as dem go check the thing for airport

Mazi: That one na better something o, las las, Naija don get COVID-19 vaccine

Egbon: Me i never beleive say Naija don get vaccine o (cut in

Mazi: You no get conscience at all, no be now now you talk say vaccine don land for Naija, why you con dey change mouth again?

Egbon: Me wey talk say vaccine don land, wey con later talk say e never land know wetin i see wey make me talk am o

Mazi: Abeg, talk make i hear wetin dey your mind, why you talk say vaccine never land

Egbon: Ose, thank you for the question, physically vaccine don land, but, na until common man see am use i no fit gree say e don land o

Mazi: Hmm, but why you be like this self, vaccine no land you dey complain, e land again, you still dey talk say e land, e no land

Egbon: No be naija we dey again, wey those politicians no go allow make the thing reach poor man pikin

Mazi: Make we get hope say e go reach common man, i even hear say anybody wey him age dey under 18 years no go collect the vaccine, maka why

Egbon: Na Doctor dem fit explain that one o, my own na say make the thing reach the people wey e suppose reach, make dem no make am be like palliative own

Jandebe Students

Mazi: This Egbon no dey forget something quick quick o, so you never forget this palliative something

Egbon: How i person go forget that kind thing, e dey always pain me say most of the people wey dey government no dey talk true

Mazi: Dem don talk another lie?

Egbon: E get anytime wey dem talk true, i hear say dem don release the students wey bandits carry for Jandebe Zamafara state

Mazi: How that one con take resemble lie?

Egbon: For me o, i dey suspect the people wey dey government, i notice say na new clothes dem give the students, na who be the Tailor

Mazi: Laugh, Egbon Egbon, shey na who be the Tailor matter now or make we thank Chineke God say dem don release the students

Egbon: I no talk say make we no thank Baba God, the thing wey i dey try talk na say the thing look like say na arrangement something, maybe na game dem dey play

Mazi: Hmm, na God no pass

Sugar Daddy Vex

Egbon: True true, na God no pass, but the little wan wey i know, i go talk am

Mazi: Talk am o, i hear something wey funny me o, dem talk say one Sugar Daddy dey try to spoil the car wey him buy for him girlfriend for South Africa

Egbon: Na wa o, this thing con dey popular these, na the other day i hear say one man scatter the house wey him build give him opeke too

Mazi: Odikwa serious o, i dey even read one tory wey talk say pastor wife for Adamawa carry her husband go court say she no wan do again

Egbon: But why, kilode?

Mazi: She talk say the husband eye no dey one place, say him dey do plo plo for him church members so tey him con get three pikin for outside

Egbon: This wan full mouth o, Mazi, make i con dey go, i wan go try see if i go see fuel buy

Mazi: This fuel matter na serious something o, we go talk later now

Egbon: Bye

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