Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (215): No Food For South West

No Food For South West

Egbon: Hmmm, e don happen o, Masquerade don enter Mosque, e con chop beaten commot, this country Na wa o

Mazi: If i talk say i understand this Masquerade wey you talk now now, na lie, abeg waka straight make i fit see where you dey go

Egbon: Where i dey go no too far o, you never hear say Ganduje sack one of the people wey dey work with am (cut in

Mazi: Ontop wetin, him chop government money, abi the person no do the work wey him suppose do?

Egbon: The answer na Mbanu, Rara and No, him no chop government money, i hear say the man talk say APC government don fall people hand big time

Mazi: Hmm, na wa o, why Ganduje con sack am ontop that thing wey him talk

Egbon: I no know say you self go talk am o, if to say Ganduje even sack the man alone e for better, dem con later arrest am say him insult Buhari

Mazi: Kai, but wetin dey play for this country self, na the other time we hear say DSS wan arrest this Sunday Igboho man

Fani Kayode Raises Alarm Over Plot To Kill Igboho

Egbon: Mazi, make we no dey lie give ourselve again, freedom of speech don travel commot for Naija

Mazi: Where him con travel go?

Egbon: E don travel go the country where government go allow make people talk wetin dey their mind

South West

Mazi: Con see the thing wey Fani Kayode talk ontop the Igboho wey DSS wan arrest

Egbon: Hmm, me self don talk this thing before, if government no waka jeje, this thing fit turn yam peppr scatter scattter o

Mazi: Na so the former Minister talk too, him talk say Naija fit catch fire if bad something happen to Igboho

Egbon: And as i dey look am, e be like say some people dey try to kill that man like that o, sake of say him talk true

No Food For South West

Mazi: So, if citizen no fit talk wetin dey dem mind again, how the country go move forward

Egbon: I wonder o, you self no notice say e just be like say na one position Naija dey since this government come, and small thing now, dem go say you dey insult Buhari

Mazi: Come come come o, i dey see one headline o

Egbon: Wetin dey inside the headline?

Mazi: Some people wey dey sale food for North talk say dem no go carry Cow, onions plus other food go South west

Egbon: Ehn ehn, i no know say this people dey serious that time when em talk say dem no go allow make food enter South west o

Mazi: No be small something o, and small time now some people go dey shout one Nigeria

Egbon: You self talk so, i don talk am before say we no need to dey deceive ourselve

Yahaya Bello Meets Former President, Obasanjo

Mazi: Government suppose do something quick quick o, make the matter no go pass be careful

Pidgin News (215): No Food For South West

Egbon: Oga Buhari no go talk, na him talk talk people go dey go front go back like that, dem no go allow make him talk

Mazi: My own na say even if na Oga Buhari talk abi na him talk talk people, the important thing na make government do something, con check Yahaya Bello o

Egbon: Oh, e look like say this Governor wan become presido true true o, no be him and Obasanjo i dey look so?

Mazi: Na him now, i bin dey think say na joke o, but e be like say him no dey joke

Fuel Scarcity

Egbon: I even forget make i tell you the thing wey my eye see yesterday, na small remain make i trek go work

Mazi: My brother, no be only you o, the thing reach my side too, dem talk say petrol no dey, na so i park my car say make i go enter public car go shop o, i wait so tey (cut in

Egbon: And the worse thing na say, small time, drivers go don add money put for transport, dem go dey talk say petrol no dey

Sperm As Cure For COVID-19

Mazi: E look like say the thing wan cost be that o, wait o, come see this tory o, dem talk say one girl say sperm fit cure COVID-19

Egbon: Shuu, where the girl do her own reaserch o, how she go talk say sperm dey cure Coro

Mazi: Na so me self dey wonder o, nothing wey person no go hear for this life

Egbon: Las las, na make everybody use dem brain o, because i no understand this kind talk now

Mazi: Anybody wey wan talk, make dem talk, na Doctor talk i go follow, make i con dey go

Egbon: Is ok o, we go talk later

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