Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (205): AK-47 Na For Self Defence

AK-47 Na For Self Defence

Egbon: Hmmmm, las las, this country don dey enter one chance, imagine ehn, imagine this kind talk

Mazi: Wait o, e get any gist wey i dey miss, wetin make you talk say this country don enter one chance, wetin dey play ?

Egbon: My brother, plenty things dey play for inside Naija o

Mazi: I no say plenty things dey occur, but na which one you dey talk 

Egbon: Shey no be this Bauchi Governor, Bala Mohammed talk say make Naija people allow Fulani Herdsmen carry AK-47 in peace say AK-47 Na For Self Defence

AK-47 Na For Self Defence

Mazi: Maka why, why dem go dey carry AK-47 up and down, make government kuku do law say AK-47 Na For Self Defence

Egbon: You see ehn, na as the gist take shock you like NEPA light, naso e shock me too, how person go talk that kind thing

Mazi: This matter na wire o, i hope say the thing no go turn yam pepper scatter scatter as e dey go like this

Soyinka Doubt If Buhari Is In Control

Egbon: As the thing dey go small small like this, e fit turn Civil war if government no do something quick quick o

Mazi: Civil war kwa, no talk something wey no follow, you bin think say civil war na joke

Egbon: I no say war no be joke plus say nobody pray say make war happen, but as the matter dey like this, i no sure if e no go turn Big matter

Mazi: Chineke God go take control, na prayer we suppose dey pray

Egbon: Abeg, i no talk say make we no pray, but as we dey pray too, make we talk the matter as e be, you don hear wetin Soyinka talk?

Mazi: I read am for paper, wey him talk say no be Buhari dey drive Naija moto

Egbon: Gbam, naso him talk am, you remember say na some days ago some Fulani carry cow go him compound

Mazi: I hear that one too, but that one no mean say no be Buhari dey drive Naija motor

Fulani Herdsmen Kill 2 In Ondo

Ak-47 Na For Self Defence

Egbon: Mazi, make we no dey deceive ourselve, e matter, i read am for news say those herdsmen don go Pai two people for Ondo and Buhari dey there, him no talk

Mazi: You suppose trust me say i no dey bend mouth talk, i dey talk matter as e be, you see this Fulani matter don pass becareful (cut in..

Egbon: And na why Buhari suppose talk be that, him no fit siddon dey look like say everything dey as e suppose be

Mazi: Kai, this matter na wa o, Boko Haram dey do, bandits dey do, Kidnappers self dey do

Amnesty For Bandits

Egbon: And still ontop the bad bad thing wey dem dey do, some people dey talk say make dem carry Amnesty give bandits 

Mazi: Me i no follow support that one o, if dem carry amnesty give dem now, naso another group go come out con dey follow do bad bad things again

Egbon: Abi now, i no just understand why government no fit carry iron hand flog the people wey dey do all this nonsence

Yul Edochie For President

Mazi: No be lie o, this matter need make government do something quick quick, you don hear wetin Petei Edochie talk?

Egbon: I never hear am o, wetin him talk?

Mazi: Him talk say him carry stamp put ontop him son name say make him run for Presidency if 2023 reach

Egbon: Laugh, na everybody wan run, e go be, make me self con run go face the thing wey concern me, we go talk later

Mazi: Na this kind run your mate dey run, you better follow dem run if 2023 reach

President Muhammadu Buhari
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