Egbon and Mazi

Pidgin News (203): Back To Lekki Toll Gate

Back To Lekki Toll Gate

Egbon: Laugh.. nothing wey Musa no go see for gate o, this country self naa one day, one Drama

Mazi: This wan wey you dey laugh like this, dis kind laugh get as e be o, wetin happen, Money don land?

Egbon: Money Money sha, no be money jare, no be this tory wey i see wey talk say Yahoo Boys do we no go gree for Osun state

Mazi: Ah, yahoo boys do we no go gree, i never hear that one be for o, how e take happen

Egbon: Hmmm, according to the tory o, dem talk say EFCC people too dey wahala dem for the state

Mazi: This wan full mouth o, but wait o, shey Yahoo Yahoo don turn normal Association for this country

Lekki Toll Gate

Egbon: Before nko, e show say dem do get Association be that now, no be why i talk say nothing wey Musa no go see for gate be that 

Mazi: Kai, this matter don dey make me wonder o, me wey i still dey check the tory wey talk say some people wan organise another we no go gree for Lekki Toll Gate

Egbon: Shebi i don tell you before say dem wan do the we no go gree sake of say government bin dey plan to reopen the Lekki Toll Gate 

Back To Lekki Toll Gate

Mazi: This wan naa another protest o, dem call am Defend Lagos, say dem take am counter those people wey wan do that before before protest

Egbon: Ehn ehn, so the matter don turn Occupy Lekki Toll Gate versus Defend Lagos

Mazi: Naso the matter be o, but the thing wey concern me pass na say make dem no turn am to another thing

NIN To Replace BVN

Egbon: Hmmm, Mazi, con check dis tory o, dem talk say federal government bin dey plan to take NIN replace BVN

Mazi: Which wan be this replacement something again now o, this people sha dey make me dey concern ontop my Business money

Egbon: Relax, Mazi the Businessman, your money dey safe, the thing na say dem wan make NIN take over as the thing wey Naija people go take do identity

Mazi: Ohhh, wetin go con happen to the BVN?

Egbon: I no fit answer that question o, but the Minister wey dey in charge of Communication, Isa Pantami talk say dem don follow CBN talk

Mazi: As this matter dey go like this, maybe i go waka go bank go collect my ego make i no con dey later hear tory wey no sweet for ear

Egbon: I say make you relax, naa just to take NIN replace BVN, e no concern your money

Gang Rape In Benue

Mazi: I hear your own, but the thing wey i go do dey my mind, con check this rape tory again o, kai, why people wicked like dis

Egbon: Hmm, this rape matter don dey pass becareful o, where this wan take happen now?

Mazi: Dem talk say na Benue the thing take happen say na like 4 boys gather rape one young girl like that, con record am ontop phone

Egbon: Oluwa o, why this kind thing con dey happen like this, na why i talk say government suppose do something be this

Mazi: No be lie, but parent self get duty, those boys now, na some people born dem, i even hear say dem parent dey try die the matter

Egbon: You see, na why government suppose take action be that, if dem don take 2 or 3 do example, others for don learn lesson, make i con dey move jare

Mazi: You talk am well, we go talk later

Minister of Communications, Isa Pantami
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